Board on the Finest Halal Holidays- A Journey of Faith & Leisure

Halal holidays offer Muslims a chance to explore the world, with no compromise over their faith. They can traverse the famous sites that have always been on their bucket-list, while abiding by the Islamic norms and practices. Muslims Holy Travel expertly transmutes their travel dreams to reality, bringing to them all-inclusive halal holiday packages that enable a hassle-free travelling.

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Club Falcon Hotel (Turkey)

7 Nights (All Inclusive)
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Muslims Holy Travel

Sheraton Imperial Hotel (Malaysia)

4 Nights (All Inclusive)
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Muslims Holy Travel

Dan Boutique Hotel (Jerusalem)

5 Nights (All Inclusive)
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Muslims Holy Travel

Amman Cham Palace (Jordan)

5 Nights (All Inclusive)
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Muslims Holy Travel

Eden Andalou Spa Resort (Morocco)

5 Nights (All Inclusive)
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Muslims Holy Travel

Wyndham Dubai Marina (UAE)

4 Nights (All Inclusive)
Starting From
Muslims Holy Travel

Muscat Holiday Hotel (Oman)

5 Nights (All Inclusive)
Starting From
Muslims Holy Travel

Sarajevo Hotel (Bosnia)

5 Nights (All Inclusive)
Starting From
Muslims Holy Travel

Bali Garden Beach Resort (Indonesia)

5 Nights (All Inclusive)
Starting From
Muslims Holy Travel

Tehran Grand Hotel (Iran)

5 Nights (All Inclusive)
Starting From
Muslims Holy Travel

Reethi Beach Resort (Maldives)

5 Nights (All Inclusive)
Starting From
Muslims Holy Travel

Halal Holidays in Tanzania

5 Nights (All Inclusive)
Starting From
Muslims Holy Travel

Halal Holidays in Thailand

7 Nights (All Inclusive)
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If you are Planning for Holy JourneyGuided Ziarat to all Holy Places in Makkah & Medinah

Jabl-e-Rehmat (Makkah)

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The Incessant Need for Halal Holidays

Muslims from across the globe seek halal holidays to explore their dream places while staying true to their religion. These are planned as per the Islamic norms, and provide them with an alcohol-free environment as well as prayer facilities and halal food.By Booking halal travel deals, individuals can enjoy access to gender-separated facilities, and amenities that follow Islamic ethics. Muslims can thus get a perfect chance to explore new sites and create golden memories with their loved ones, without worrying about the “halal/haram” factor.Muslim-friendly holidays also include visits to significant tourist and religious sites, enriching the journey and providing insights into the country’s culture and history.

Quality Amenities You Can Enjoy in Muslim-Friendly Holidays

Keeping in view the specific travel needs of Muslims, several firms are offering halal holiday packages from the UK. These deals ensure Muslims remain stress-free and enjoy access to services that are tailored as per their religious beliefs, ensuring a super-comfy experience for all. Here are the top amenities to look for in a halal travel deal:

  • The package must include halal dining options, partnering with top-tier halal-rated restaurants. This gives you a sense of utmost peace and you can consume your meal without any worries.
  • The hotels in the deal must offer prayer facilities such as a prayer mat, and must provide insights about the qibla direction and the nearby mosques.
  • At times, Muslims might look for gender-based services wherever possible, such as in swimming pools, gyms, and spas, and this aspect must be covered in all of these deals.
  • The activities and excursions must have modesty in focus, ensuring you participate in them without any worries while following the Islamic dress codes.
  • The hotels and resorts in these deals must ensure alcohol-free settings, and if not, must have dedicated areas that are alcohol-free, for the ease of Muslim travellers.
  • Many of those traveling during the holy month of Ramadan might require information regarding the Suhoor and Iftar meals, as well as the prayer times and nearby mosques, and the deals must ensure to provide them with these insights.
  • The chosen deal must include short visits to important Islamic sites, allowing you to enhance your learnings while travelling.

Types of Halal Holidays Based on Travel Needs & Interests

From cheap Muslim-friendly holidays to costly ones, you are going to get the best travel deals with Muslims Holy Travel. So, whether you are seeking a solo escapade, a romantic retreat, or a family affair with no compromise over Islamic ethics, look no further than us. Please note that the categories below are created as per the needs of different types of travellers.

1. Halal Holidays for Families

There is no better chance to foster family bonding and embark on a relaxing journey than to book our halal holiday packages for families. These are crafted in a manner to ensure the needs of each of the family members are fully met, from the youngest to the eldest one. Here are the top reasons to book your family halal trip with us, and how we can make them special for you:

  • To ensure maximum privacy, we offer a stay at spacious family-oriented hotels and resorts, letting you enjoy fun moments together, without any worries of privacy breaches.
  • All of our family deals ensure to offer serene halal dining settings, from buffet to A la carte options, letting you enjoy food and explore diverse tastes.
  • Many of the resorts and hotels in our deals include segregated areas for female members to enjoy swimming in modest settings.
  • All of the hotels include prayer-related amenities such as a prayer mat and dedicated areas to ensure the tourists perform their religious duties with ease.
  • We ensure a family-friendly environment by restricting alcohol-based areas in our deals and prioritise the hotels that allow only alcohol-free settings.
  • For the ease of families, we offer child-friendly activities in our deals. Many of the resorts feature kids’ clubs equipped with activities for their age groups, letting parents enjoy some downtime while keeping the kids engaged.
  • To promote learning, our deals include excursions that are fun and help families learn about the culture and history of the relevant locale.

So, whenever you think of a family getaway, look no further than Muslims Holy Travel. Leave all of your worries to us as we will take care of every single detail from flight to halal-based amenities.

2. Halal Holidays for Couples

For all the couples especially the newlyweds, these holidays serve as a refreshing boost to their lives. At times, Muslim couples who want to explore the world together might look up to halal holiday deals, for added thrill, romance, and informative experiences. For couples celebrating their special moments such as birthdays or anniversaries, these deals are a perfect choice to consider. Newly weds can take on our halal honeymoon packages and create golden memories together. Here's what you get when you book your halal trip as a couple, with Muslims Holy Travel:

  • To ensure privacy and comfort, we offer couples a comfy stay at top hotels and villas with private rooms.
  • Relish intimate halal dining in a romantic setting. Whether you want to enjoy private meals at beaches or your comfort place, we can arrange it seamlessly for you.
  • For added fun, we offer activities for couples, such as cooking classes, sunset cruises, and relaxing spa sessions together.
  • We offer couples guided tours that let them explore new sites together and get insights into the local cultures. For more fun, they can enjoy thrill activities such as desert safaris, water sports, hiking, etc.
  • The hotels in these deals provide prayer-friendly amenities and access to specified prayer rooms.
  • Segregated pool areas are available for couples where they can indulge in water activities together while staying true to the norms of modesty.

Halal Honeymoon Packages for Newlyweds

Identifying the importance of honeymoon in the life of newlyweds, we strive to offer halal honeymoon packages that render memorable experiences and are in line with Islamic values. These packages boast a blend of privacy, romance, thrill, and adherence to Islamic ethics. Here is what to expect in these deals:

  • A highly-private stay at any of the luxurious villas or suites, that are secluded and located in beautiful settings, letting couples spend a blissful and intimate time together.
  • Romantic halal dining options and candlelit dinners on beaches and other scenic locations, as per the preferences of the couple.
  • For extra fun, couples can also take part in activities such as attending cooking classes together and enjoying stargazing at beautiful sites.
  • Our deals ensure the newlyweds stay fit, offering them an access to spa facilities, private yoga, meditation sessions, and an access to adults-only areas at resorts.
  • Private pool and beach areas are available with modest swimming and water sports activities.
  • Newlyweds can indulge in an ultimate thrill, with excursion activities such as exploring desert safaris, trying island hopping and forest-trekking, and taking hot-air balloon rides. Please note that these activities differ from place to place.
  • For pure romantic bliss, newly-married couples can get rooms with flower decorations (upon request), customised welcome packages with halal refreshments, and surprise gifts or tailored experiences, as per their request.
  • Special amenities such as photography services, private airport transfers, and chauffeur services can be added to these deals, upon request.

3. Halal Holidays for Solo Travelers

Knowing the unique needs of solo Muslim travellers, we have crafted specific deals that are highly tailored towards solo tourists, offering them an enriching journey that fully adheres to Islamic laws. Here is a sneak peek of what we offer in these deals:

  • A perfect stay at single rooms in halal-certified hotels, ensuring their comfort and privacy.
  • Complete in-room prayer facilities as well as access to the prayer rooms in the hotels, also providing them with enough insights regarding the nearby mosques and local prayer times.
  • A wide range of halal food options, whether one wants to opt for room service or shared dining.
  • We offer group activities for them while upholding Islamic norms, where they can get to interact with other like-minded individuals.
  • For the specific needs of female travellers, we offer female-based services such as guides, tours, and hotels with women-only floors.

All of these deals ensure the solo-travellers get to explore most of the world freely while adhering to the Islamic faith. Moreover, these deals inculcate in them a sense of serenity, community, and freedom, letting them decide their own travel terms.

Get Travel-Friendly All-Inclusive Halal Holiday Packages with Flights

As per the specific budget of the travellers, we offer competitive travel deals, each varying in terms of quality, luxury, and comfort. These are listed below:

  • 3-star Halal Holiday Packages

These deals are the basic ones, allowing tourists a indirect flight to the destination, a stay at any of the 3-star hotels with halal-friendly amenities, and basic meal options including breakfast only or half-board with simple halal meals.

  • 4-star Halal Holiday Packages

The best choice for those who want maximum comfort during travel, these deals include direct flights, a stay in 4-star hotels and resorts with top-notch amenities, prayer rooms, and halal dining options, and an all-inclusive board basis with a large variety of halal food items.

  • 5-star Halal Holiday Packages

These are the premium deals offering direct flights with priority boarding and luggage allowance, a stay at luxury 5-star hotels and resorts with private pools, halal amenities, spa services, and gourmet dining experiences with a 24-hour room service. Please note that the services included in these deals can be upgraded at any time, depending on the needs and customisation requests of the travellers.

Top Halal Holidays Destinations We Cover

Together, let’s explore some of the exciting sites you can explore with our cheap halal travel deals:

1. Halal Holidays to Turkey

This is a Muslim-friendly country with a rich Islamic heritage. Together with us, get ready to enjoy an unbeatable stay at halal-friendly hotels and resorts along the Turkish River. Explore the iconic Blue and Hagia Sophia Spelling Mosques in Istanbul, and enjoy exploring the diverse culture at Ephesus. Revel in the hot air balloon ride at Cappadocia, savour halal Turkish food items, and make the most out of your time here.

2. Halal Holidays to Dubai

A shopping paradise for the shopaholics, Dubai is famous for its yacht parties, grand architecture, and modern luxury amenities. With MHT, get ready to enjoy a top-class stay at first-rate halal-certified hotels. Explore the Desert Safari, the Grand Jumeirah Mosque, and the iconic Burj Khalifa, and spend an optimal time at the Dubai Mall, which is home to modern and luxury designer brands. Indulge in a fine halal experience, booking your halal trip to Dubai with us.

3. Halal Holidays to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the finest blends of Islamic traditions and modernity. Muslims Holy Travels arranges a halal-friendly trip to Malaysia, covering sites such as Kaula Lumpur’s National Mosque, Langkawi Island, a stay at halal-certified resorts, Borneo’s Rainforests, and family-friendly theme parks for maximum fun.

4. Halal Holidays to Morocco

Morocco is the land of mystic beauty that reveals a lot about the Islamic history of the Kingdom- a hot-favorite tourist spot that is the dream place of every tourist. With MHT, explore the best of Morocco while abiding by Islamic norms. Check out the stunning landscapes here, ancient Madinah, luxury camps in Sahara Desert, and Agadir’s coasts. Enjoy halal-friendly activities such as spa and cooking classes, and create the best memories of your life.

5. Halal Holidays to Iran

Iran is considered the gateway of Persian history and traditions. Mosques and the Golestan Palace are famous tourist attractions here. With us, get ready to explore the stunning architecture in Isfahan, explore the holy sites in Mashhad. If you love shopping, you can shop leisurely in the Bazaars in Tehran, and get deep insights into the culture and hospitality here.

6. Halal Holidays to Tanzania

Tanzania, famous for its safari and wildlife, is a place that attracts global tourists. For Muslims, it is the best chance to book halal holiday deals and get ready to enjoy the safari experiences in the Serengeti. They can also opt for beach resorts in Zanzibar, that are all halal-friendly. More attractions include the Stone Town, Spice Tour, modest water activities, and much more. With no compromise on Islamic beliefs, get ready to enjoy every moment full of excitement.

7. Halal Holidays to UAE

The United Arab Emirates is all about luxury at its best. Tourists can book halal trip to UAE and explore the world-famous landmarks here. These include the grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ras Al-Khaimah’s deserts, Sharjah, Dhow Cruises, and many more. Tourists can explore the vibrant culture of UAE and visit theme parks and other tourist attractions for added fun.

8. Halal Holidays to Bosnia

Bosnia holds a special place in the hearts of tourists, owing to its culture, food, and street life. Muslim travellers can get a perfect chance to explore the mosques and markets here. They can also visit the old town of Mostar, adore the nature in the countryside, enjoy halal Bosnian food items, and get deep insights into the European Islamic history and culture here.

9. Halal Holidays to Oman

Plan your halal trip to Oman and get ready to enjoy some authentic Arabian experiences via our packages. Explore the traditional souks, ancient forts, desert camping, and the hospitality of the locals. Try out thrill-filled activities such as Dune and Wadi Bashing, and watch dolphins swirling in the beautiful Gulf of Oman. Captivate the beauty of Oman in your camera lens and hearts forever, with Muslims Holy Travel.

10. Halal Holidays to Thailand

Thailand is a country famous for its aromatic food, exotic beaches, and bright culture. Other than the hospitality, Muslim tourists can enjoy exploring mosques in Bangkok and Pattani, a stay at top-tier halal-friendly resorts in Phuket and Krabi, tasting halal street food, and taking part in culture tours that depict the unique traditions here.

11. Halal Holidays to Indonesia

Indonesia is the land of volcanoes, beaches, and a unique lifestyle, offering an amazing spectacle as a whole. Explore the diverse culture of Bali, indulging in beach retreats. Adore the stunning beauty of the temples and volcano treks. Immerse in the rich Islamic culture here, and spend an optimal time with your loved ones.

12. Halal Holidays to Bali

Bali, a place where Hinduism dominates, offers many halal-friendly tourist options. With our packages, enjoy a comfy stay at hall resorts, get access to modest beaches, explore mosques such as Majid Agung Ibnu Battuta, and enjoy exploring the lush rice terraces here. Revel in the top Indonesian cuisine and take cultural tours to learn more about the art and craft here.

13. Halal Holidays to Jordan

Jordan is a site rich in ancient culture and history, making it a perfect spot for a halal vacation. With us, get a chance to explore the historical Petra, the tomb of Aaron, the Wadi Rum deserts, and Amman’s heavenly mosques. Revel in the hospitality of the locals and don’t miss out on enjoying floating in the Dead Sea, all in modest settings.

14. Halal Holidays to Maldives

A luxury haven for couples, it is the land with exotic beaches and beautiful scenery. Almost everyone dreams to explore the Island of Maldives and stay at the overwater villas and beach resorts here. With our halal deals, get ready to enjoy underwater dining in halal restaurants, water sports in crystalline waters, dolphin watching, boarding on a sunset cruise, and a relaxing spa treatment.

15. Halal Holidays to Jerusalem

Masjid-e-Aqsa in Jerusalem has the greatest place in Islamic history because it was the first Qibla. Praying here is of great significance for the Muslims. We offer them halal experiences in our deals, letting them explore the entire mosque and the Dome of the Rock, as well as the old city’s Muslim quarter, and other Islamic historical sites.

16. Halal Holidays to Singapore

Singapore is a country rich in culture, boasting great architecture and world-famous cuisines. With our halal travel deals to Singapore, one can visit mosques such as Masjid Abdul Ghafoor, the Arab street, and Muslim headquarters, enjoy shopping in world-class malls and stay in top hotels here. Travellers can explore family attractions such as Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studios.

17. Halal Holidays to UK

Book your halal trip to the UK, and get ready to explore the rich history and culture, as well as avail the chance to interact with the Muslim locals and communities here. Visit mosques such as the London Central Mosque and East London Mosque, explore Islamic culture in the major cities including London, Bradford, and Birmingham, and enjoy halal dining in the UK’s top restaurants.

18. Halal Holidays to Japan

Japan is a country known for its rich culture and traditions. Over the past few years, halal tourism has evolved in Japan as well. With our halal travel deals, enjoy a stay in top halal-friendly hotels in Tokyo and Osaka, take guided tours to the mosques such as Tokyo Camii, learn the art of cooking Japanese food by attending cooking classes, and explore natural wonders such as Mount Fuji, and many more.

19. Halal Holidays to Mauritius

With Mauritius halal holiday deals, immerse in the beauty of this natural paradise and enjoy a comfy stay at halal beach resorts. Explore Islamic heritage sites and ancient mosques here, such as the Jummah Mosque. Indulge in exciting water sports, halal Creole cuisines, island tours, and swimming, all in a modest setting.

20. Halal Holidays to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, famous for its Islamic history along the Silk Road, is a top choice for Muslim tourists due to the serene environment and lush nature here. With our halal travel deals, witness the divine architecture here, explore sacred sites such as the Imam Bukhari Complex, view the local Uzbek handicrafts, stay at boutique hotels, and enjoy the halal tantalizing Uzbek cuisine.

21. Halal Holidays to Egypt

Egypt is famous for its pyramids and iconic mosques in Cairo such as Ibn Tulun. We offer cheap halal holiday packages that you can book to reach Egypt and explore the ancient sites here. Book your stay at halal-friendly resorts in Hurghada or Sharm-el-Sheikh. Enjoy a day out in the Sahara Desert, and don’t forget to shop at the local souks.

22. Halal Holidays to Saudi Arabia

The sacred land of Saudi Arabia is of utmost importance for Muslims, also regarded as the birthplace of Islam. With our packages, get a chance to plan your Umrah pilgrimage and explore the holy landmarks in Makkah and Madinah, explore the Al-Balad district in Jeddah, enjoy desert experiences, and stay at halal-certified hotels. For more learning, you can also book a guided cultural tour that showcases insights into the Saudi heritage.

23. Halal Holidays to South Africa

South Africa is famous for its wildlife and cultural heritage. We offer cheap halal travel deals that feature visits to historic mosques in Johannesburg and Cape Town, halal safari experiences, tour of Islands such as Robben Island, and drives across the Garden Route. One can also explore the Cape Malay Muslim community and interact with the locals here.

24. Halal Holidays to Australia

Book a halal trip to Australia which is known for its vibrant cities and architecture. With our travel deals, enjoy a comfy stay at halal hotels in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne, explore the famous mosques here, take halal food tours, encounter the wildlife at animal sanctuaries, and take city tours that showcase insights into the Islamic heritage in Australia.

25. Halal Holidays to Spain

Spain has an ultra-rich Islamic history and that is the reason why Muslim tourists plan a visit here. We offer them cheap deals that let them explore the Islamic history sites such as Alhambra in Granada, Al Jeferya Palace in Zaragoza, Tore De Calahorra in Carboa, and many more. They can also enjoy halal food, take cultural tours, and explore the villages on the Southern side.

Book Cheap Halal Holiday Packages with Muslims Holy Travel

Muslims Holy Travel is your trusted partner for the best halal vacation, offering bespoke halal holiday packages from the UK, that are not only flight-inclusive but also cater to the unique needs of Muslim travellers. Whether you seek a halal trip for your family or want to plan a romantic getaway or a spiritual journey, we have got all your needs covered with our carefully curated halal travel packages.

We do understand that a Muslim-friendly journey is far beyond halal meal options. Therefore, all of our comprehensive halal holiday packages ensure to take care of every single aspect related to your journey, such as flights and halal-certified hotels equipped with prayer facilities.

Here’s what extra edge you can enjoy with us:

  • Competitive & cheap halal holiday packages (3-star, 4-star & 5-star)
  • Halal dining and prayer facilities in all hotel rooms
  • Access to alcohol-free settings in all places you visit
  • Male and female segregation in specific areas
  • A hassle-free travel experience backed by an adept team

Halal Holidays 2024-2025

As we look into 2024, which we are already halfway through, and the upcoming 2025, we are excited to offer you an array of enticing halal holiday deals for 2024-25. These are all-inclusive deals with flights and special discounts on early booking, letting you create memories with your loved ones. Moreover, as per your budget, we have options for everyone, from cheap halal travel deals to the opulent ones. Without any delay, visit our website and enjoy booking your dream halal-friendly holidays, with these simple steps:

Browse through our deals and select the one that matches your interests.

  • Check out if you want to customise it in any way.
  • Choose your preferred timeframe and airline.
  • Secure the deal and talk to one of our representatives.
  • Wait for the confirmation email with relevant details of your itinerary.

To learn more about halal travel deals, contact us right now at 0203-900-0310 or email us at info@muslimsholytravel.co.uk