Passport, Visas and Health Requirements.You are responsible for mandatory checking and providing all the necessary items applied by Saudi Arabia Royal Embassy (otherwise Company will not be held responsible in any condition)

Passport and Visa:

  • You must consult the relevant Embassy or Consulate for the required information for Umrah.
  • Umrah requirements may change (according to circumstances) and you should check for an updated position for future references before departure.
  • With heavy heart we have to publicize is that liability of any sort on behalf of client is unacceptable. Violation of any degree will led to failure on your part (for passport, visa or other document) will lead to cancellation of your travel.
  • Applicant should ensure that passport validity is 6 months onwards from the date of departure.
  • Passports should have 2 blank visa pages.
  • Two white-backed passport size photographs.


  • Before adjourning to your Holy journey for Umrah make sure to have proper recommended immunization and vaccinations required. Before travelling get a clean bill of health from your doctor.
  • Umrah Health Requirements are listed in the department of health leaflet entitled “The Traveler’s Guide to Health” (T4), to ensure a healthy Umrah duration. According to Saudi Arabia enlisted policy homemade food items are not allowed, only properly sealed or canned food can be brought in limited extent.
  • You are solely responsible for misguidance on your part (if any) regarding your doctor’s medical examination. Be a responsible citizen and engage in healthy activities prior to your Umrah traveling.

Special Request and Medical Problems:

Inform us for any special requests for Umrah, prior the booking of your flights and selection of packages.

  • Although we will venture to pass any custom request on to the relevant supplier, but we regret to pass no guarantee of any request to meet at par.
  • Failure to meet any special request will not be breach of contract on our part (it’s a mere facility that may be availed according to current conditions).
  • In case, if you have any medical problem or disability which may affect your Umrah performance in any way, or booked arrangements, you must advise us in writing at the time of booking (prior to confirmation of flights) giving full details.
  • If we feel inept to properly accommodate your particular needs, we must reserve the right to decline/cancel your booking.


  • When you book for Umrah with us, you accept responsibility for any damage or lose caused by you or any member of your party.

  • Any such damage or loss shall be properly paid directly to the owner or manager of the accommodation or the supplier
  • If you fail to do so you must insure us against any claims (including any legal costs) then made against us as a consequence of your actions
  • We expect all clients to have consideration for other people while they perform their Umrah and follow the regulations directed by government of Saudi Arabia
  • If in our opinion or in the opinion of any other person in authority, if you are behaving in such a way that is cause of distress, we reserve the right to terminate your arrangements without notification of damage to property.
  • In this situation, including any return transportation arrangements, we shall cease immediately and we shall not be liable for any costs or expenses that you may incur as a result of any refund or compensation.


  • Remember that Umrah visas are not valid for residency or work.

  • Fill the form with block capitals and black ink only.
  • Children aged one year or above, travelling on the passport of parent should have their photos affixed on the passport. These photographs should be verified by the concerned consultants.
  • Women past the age of 45 can perform her Umrah without Mahram but the women post age 45 must provide the proof of her relationship with the Mahram.
  • Foreign passport holders are required to provide permanent residency certificate or permit with the validity 6 months onward.
  • Do not carry along any written material for the purpose of propaganda.
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