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Hajj, or the greater pilgrimage, is the 5th pillar of Islam, and is obligatory for every adult Muslim who is sane with enough physical power and financial resources. On the religious front, Hajj cleanses a pilgrim’s soul, wipes away all sins, refreshes his or her faith in Allah, and strengthens the unity of Muslims. Planning Hajj can be overwhelming as it involves careful execution of various steps. This is where Muslims Holy Travel can help pilgrims; we offer bespoke Hajj packages for all Muslims in the UK.

5 Star Hajj Packages

14 Days 5 Star Hajj Package

  • Movenpick Makkah Hajar Tower Makkah ( 9 Nights )
  • Madinah Movenpick Hotel Madinah ( 5 Nights )
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14 Days 4 Star Hajj Package

  • Retaj Al Bayt Suites Makkah ( 9 Nights )
  • Leader Al Muna Kareem Hotel Madinah ( 5 Nights )
For Booking Call Now! 0203 900 0310

17 Nights 5 Star Hajj Package

  • Royal Majestic Hotel Makkah Makkah ( 11 Nights )
  • Madinah Hilton Hotel Madinah ( 6 Nights )
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19 Nights 5 Star Hajj Package

  • Infinity Hotel Makkah Makkah ( 12 Nights )
  • Hayatt International Madinah ( 6 Nights )
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31 Days 5 Star Shifting Hajj Package

  • Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah ( 15 Nights )
  • Al Madinah Harmony Hotel Madinah ( 15 Nights )
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4 Star Hajj Packages

16 Days 4 Star Hajj Package

  • Kenzi Makkah Hotel Makkah ( 10 Nights )
  • Bosphorus Hotel Madinah Madina ( 5 Nights )
For Booking Call Now! 0203 900 0310

17 Nights 4 Star Hajj Package

  • Mobark Plaza Hotel Makkah ( 11 Nights )
  • Nozol ROYAL INN AN NUZUL AL MADINAH Madina ( 6 Nights )
For Booking Call Now! 0203 900 0310

18 Nights 4 Star Hajj Package

  • Maather Al Jiwaar Hotel Makkah ( 12 Nights )
  • Jewar Al Saqefah Hotel Madina ( 6 Nights )
For Booking Call Now! 0203 900 0310

41 Days 4 Star Shifting Hajj Package

  • Royal Majestic Hotel Makkah Makkah ( 20 Nights )
  • Saja Al Madinah Madina ( 19 Nights )
For Booking Call Now! 0203 900 0310

30 Days Shifting Hajj Package

  • Movenpick Makkah Hajar Tower Makkah ( 14 Nights )
  • Saja Al Madinah Madina ( 14 Nights )
For Booking Call Now! 0203 900 0310

3 Star Hajj Packages

20 Days 3 Star Non Shifting Hajj Package

  • Elaf Salam Makkah ( 10 Nights )
  • Swiss international Taba Alsalam Madina ( 8 Nights )
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19 Days 3 Star Hajj Package

  • Qasr Ajyad AlSad Hotel Makkah ( 12 Nights )
  • Province Al Sham Hotel Madina ( 7 Nights )
For Booking Call Now! 0203 900 0310

18 Nights 3 Star Hajj Package

  • Ajyad Crom Hotel Makkah ( 12 Nights )
  • Al Salihiya Medina Madina ( 6 Nights )
For Booking Call Now! 0203 900 0310

24 Days Economy Non-Shifting Hajj Package

  • Al Saraya Eman Hotel Makkah ( 12 Nights )
  • Al Salihiya Medina Madina ( 10 Nights )
For Booking Call Now! 0203 900 0310

24 Days Economy Hajj Package

  • Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah ( 20 Nights )
  • Mawaddah Al Noor Hotel Madina ( 3 Nights )
For Booking Call Now! 0203 900 0310

If you are Planning for Holy JourneyGuided Ziarat to all Holy Places in Makkah & Medinah

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What Is the Difference Between Shifting and Non-Shifting Hajj Packages?

The number of Hajj pilgrims has increased exponentially in recent times. Around 1.83 million Muslims from all over the world went on the greater pilgrimage in 2024. This was one of the largest gatherings in the world at one point in time. The increase in number of pilgrims led tour planners to come up with an interesting division in the realm of Hajj packages. This division (shifting and non-shifting Hajj), based on staying area during pilgrimage, affects the overall cost of Hajj packages from the UK. Let’s examine both so you can select the right plan for your next greater pilgrimage.

Shifting Hajj Packages

A shifting Hajj deal, also known as the Aziziyah Hajj package, is a cost-effective way to perform pilgrimage. In this type of Hajj, pilgrims are made to stay at Aziziyah, a small town located around 4 kilometres from Masjid Al-Haram. In Aziziyah, special quarters are built for pilgrims to stay in. These quarters are shared among pilgrims, resulting in huge savings because hotels in the main Mecca region are quite costly during Hajj. The pilgrims are kept here until the start of Hajj rituals. Once the pilgrimage begins, they are transported to hotels near Masjid Al-Haram, from where they can take part in Hajj practices.

Apart from the benefit of cost, shifting Hajj packages offer a chance to stay in a less crowded space than mainland Mecca. However, these deals have some drawbacks as well. The movement between Aziziyah and Masjid Al-Haram can be tiring for some pilgrims, especially elderlies. Moreover, the rooms can get extremely crowded, and you may find up to 20 pilgrims under one roof.

Non-Shifting Hajj Packages

In these packages, you don’t have to move from one place to another. The pilgrims are taken directly to a hotel near Masjid Al-Haram, where they stay until the start of rituals. Non-shifting Hajj packages are ideal for people who don’t have to worry about finances and prefer luxury and convenience. Non-shifting Hajj packages are usually shorter than shifting ones, typically ranging from 16 to 24 days. They are ideal for people on a tight schedule. On the contrary, shifting Hajj packages are best for people who have no time constraints but can’t afford costly deals.

Types of Hajj Packages Offered by Muslims Holy Travel

Being the industry leaders in the realm of pilgrimage services, Muslims Holy Travel is proud to present a wide range of its all-inclusive Hajj packages for 2025. Most of these plans, either shifting or non-shifting, come with Hajj tickets, hotels, meals, and transportation. Let’s explore these packages briefly so you know which Hajj deal is best for you. Just an honest suggestion: before booking a Hajj package online from the UK, make sure that you check deals from different tour operators in the country. Sometimes a low-cost Hajj may not be the best one. We recommend you spend a little extra if you can afford it and perform Hajj in the best possible way. Going to the greater pilgrimage is a matter of honour for Muslims, and it should be done in the best way possible.

3-Star Hajj Packages

Also known as cheap Hajj bundles, these come with basic amenities like return tickets, visas, and one meal, typically breakfast. The hotels are located around 800 to 1000 metres from holy mosques in both cities. You can upgrade the plan to increase the number of meals, private transport, and guided tours.

4-Star Hajj Packages

These bundles are best if you are seeking the maximum value for money. 4-star Hajj deals are an upgraded version of 3-star packages. The hotels are located around 400–500 metres from the holy centres in both cities. These deals are also all-inclusive Hajj packages that come with accommodation, Hajj tickets, two meals, and guided tours (upon request).

5-Star Hajj Packages

One of the most premium and lavish options if you are looking for Hajj packages for 2025–2026, these deals come with hotels located around 100–200 metres from Masjid Al-Haram and Masjid Al-Nabwi. The plans usually include all three meals and complimentary drinks. Please note that these packages come with 4-person sharing rooms. We can change the sharing upon your request.

Short Hajj Packages

These deals are best for people who have a busy schedule and can’t afford too many off days but still want to perform Hajj. A short plan usually lasts for 12 to 20 days. Please note that short Hajj packages are quite costly than the longer ones.

VIP Hajj Packages

Especially catered for affluent Muslims in the UK, these packages are available on special request. These deals come with high-end hotels like Movenpick, Pullman ZamZam in Mecca, and the Hilton in Medina. You can have your private transport for travelling between Hajj rituals and intracity & intercity movements.

Group Hajj Packages

An affordable and economic way to perform Hajj in 2025 or 2026. Group Hajj can be shifting or non-shifting, 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star. The benefit of opting for the group service is that your party is made up of fellow countrymen. Pilgrims get along with each other very well, and it can help while performing rituals.

The Importance of Hajj for Muslims

Hajj is a pillar of Islam, and it is an obligation upon all Muslims who have the physical might and financial prowess. Apart from this, there are countless Ayahs that highlight the value of Hajj in Islam. Surah Baqrah, Al-Imran, Al-Maida, Al-Tawba, and Al-Fath, all mention the greater pilgrimage as an important worship and explain its rewards for Muslims. There is even a complete chapter in the Holy Quran by the name of Surah Al-Hajj that explains the process and value of the greater pilgrimage in detail.

Similarly, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has many times highlighted the importance of Hajj for Muslims in His Hadiths. He has termed Hajj a guaranteed way to get Allah’s forgiveness for all sins. Moreover, in one Hadith, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) says that Hajj is equal to Jihad for women.The greater pilgrimage comes with many different benefits, and a Hajj package makes it easier for pilgrims to reap these rewards.

Fulfilment of Religious Duty: as already mentioned, Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam, and it is essential for every sane and adult Muslim to perform it once, even if you have to get a short Hajj package due to a busy schedule.

Forgiveness and Allah’s Blessings: the greater pilgrimage brings along Allah’s forgiveness, sympathy, mercy, and blessings. Many pilgrims, upon their return, explain that their sustenance and rewards increased after the successful completion of Hajj.

Self-Reflection: a Hajj trip inspires pilgrims to introspect themselves and analyse what they have been doing wrong in their lives and how they should minimise bad deeds and become better Muslims.

Charity and Humbleness: when pilgrims see millions of fellow Muslims chanting “Labaik Allahuma Labaik” and bowing in front of Allah, it automatically melts their hearts and removes pride, arrogance, and superiority. This in turn inspires them to help others in need, not only during the Hajj but also when they come back.

Unity and Equality: the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stressed equality among Muslims in his last sermon by saying that Arabs have no superiority over non-Arabs. Similarly, white and black races are equal in front of Allah. The only way one can get superior in the Almighty’s books is by virtue of good deeds and piety. Hajj is all about this. When pilgrims see Muslims from different ethnicities, races, and backgrounds all praying to only One Lord, it eliminates any superiority complex and instills a feeling of equality.
Community Bonding: Hajj is an excellent way to bond with Muslims from other countries. The time Muslims spend together other than performing rituals is a great opportunity to connect with each other.

Cultural Exchange: since Muslims from all over the world come to perform Hajj in Mecca, you can see and learn from people of different cultures. The culture of British Muslims is completely different from that of those living in African countries and Asian nations such as Iran, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and the Maldives. It can be quite interesting to spend time with culturally different individuals and see how they go about their daily lives.

Hajj Rituals Guide: An Essential Read for All Pilgrims

Hajj dates back to the time of Prophet Abraham and his family. Unlike Umrah, which can be performed in 3 to 6 hours depending on the crowds in Masjid Al-Haram, Hajj is spread over 6 days and consists of different activities in Mecca and surrounding areas. Having an all-inclusive Hajj package from the UK makes it easier for pilgrims to move from one place to another, as it includes transportation, meals, and stays at different locations.

Complimentary Umrah

Umrah before Hajj is not an essential practice but an excellent way to gather more of Allah’s blessings. The Umrah consists of doing Niyyat, wearing Ihram (two white clothes for men and regular clothing with a head scarf for women), Tawaf (circling Kaaba 7 times), Sa’i (running between Safa and Marwa hills for 7 times), shaving heads for men, and clipping hair (1-2 inches) for women.

If you arrive in Mecca quite early, before the 8th of Dhul Hijjah, you can perform Umrah and remove Ihram. This can give you some time off to relax and rest before Hajj rituals begin on the 8th of Dhul Hijjah. There are many deals that are planned in such a way that Muslims arrive in Mecca early, perform Umrah, and then are shifted to their hotels near Masjid Al-Haram or in Aziziya (a town located around 4 kilometres from Mecca).

Re-entering or Wearing Ihram on the 8th of Dhull Hijjah

This officially marks the beginning of Hajj rituals. You’ll need to wear Ihram and stay in it unless the Hajj is over. There are some rules for Ihram, like abstaining from smoking, swearing, shaving, clipping nails, sexual relations, fighting, hunting, or killing animals. After wearing Ihram, make sure you keep reciting Talbiyah (Labaik Allahuma Labaik).

Reach Mina

The next destination for all pilgrims is Mina. Commonly known as the city of tents, Mina is a valley located around 8 kilometres southeast of Mecca. Here, pilgrims offer four prayers, but these prayers are grouped into two units referred to as Zuhrain and Maghribain. Pilgrims will sleep in tents for one night.

The Day of Arafat

On the second day of Hajj, pilgrims will move to the plains of the hill of Arafat. The normal distance is around 20 minutes’ drive between Arafat and Mina, but due to rush, it takes several hours. Pilgrims recite Astaghfar and make dua. Once pilgrims reach Mount Arafat, they offer shortened versions of Dhuhr and Asar prayers, 2 Rakats each if praying behind Imam. If praying alone, pilgrims must offer regular prayers.  The most important event on this day is the sermon delivered from Nimra Mosque. The sermon is in Arabic. Your Hajj service provider may arrange for a guide to translate it for you in English.

Reach Muzdalifah

After spending the day at Arafat, pilgrims move to Muzdalifah. It is an open plain between Mina and Arafat. Pilgrims offer Maghrib and Isha prayers here, but Isha prayers are shortened to 2 Rakats. Pilgrims stay here for the night. You can rest and also collect pebbles for stoning the devil. Each pilgrim needs a total of 49 pebbles. Make sure the pebbles are not bigger than the size of the dates.

Rami and Hady (Animal Sacrifice)

The dawn of the 10th Dhul Hijjah marks the third day of Hajj rituals. It is also known as the day of sacrifice, or Eid ul Azha. On this day, pilgrims offer Fajr prayers in Muzdalifah and leave Mina. This day marks the sacrifice of animals and stoning of the devil. The Muslims hit the devil with 7 stones commemorating the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (RA). The Rami continues for the next 2 days. On the first day, 7 stones are thrown, and on the next 2 days, 21 stones are thrown towards the wall, symbolising the devil. It is better to take some extra pebbles with you in case you drop some due to extreme crowds and pushing. The easiest way to carry stones is to put them in small bags. You can use bags made of cloth. It is better to have 3 bags and place the required number of pebbles in each bag. You will throw only 7 pebbles on the first day towards Jamarat Al Aqaba. Make sure you recite Allahu Akbar between each throw.

Head Shaving

Once you are done with animal sacrifice, the next step is to shave your head. For men, a complete head shave is essential; women are fine with a 1-2 inch’ haircut. After cutting the hair, pilgrims can remove Ihram and can perform forbidden activities other than sexual relations.

Tawaf Al Ifadha and Sa’i

On the 5th day of Hajj, which is the 11th of Zul Hijjah, pilgrims head to Mecca to perform one Tawaf of Kaaba and one circuit of Sa’i. Both of these practices (7 rounds) are essential and must be performed after Rami and sacrifice. After these two rituals, all the Ihram obligations are lifted, and pilgrims head to Mina, where they will perform the remaining essentials.

The Second & Third Rami

On the eve of the 11th Dhul Hijjah, pilgrims go for the second round of Rami. This time, pilgrims are required to pelt all the three devils. The pelting begins with Jamarah Al Ula (the smallest pillar) and then Jamarah Al Wusta (the middle pillar). Pilgrims make dua facing Qibla and then pelt Jamarah Al Aqaba (the largest pillar). Each devil (pillar) must be stoned 7 times.

Pilgrims spend the night in Mina

On the next day, the 12th of Dhul Hijjah, the pilgrims pelt stones at the devil in the same way as explained above.

Tawaf Al Wida (The Goodbye Tawaf)

This is the most emotional and touching moment for all pilgrims, as it officially closes all Hajj rituals. In this step, pilgrims encircle Kaaba for 7 times, then perform two Rakat nafals and drink ZamZam water to refresh themselves. Please note that there is no requirement to cut hair after this Tawaf. So, you see, these rituals can be exhaustive and overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Isn’t it better to get an affordable Hajj package from a reputable travel agency in the UK? You can book Hajj deals online for 2025 to get early bird discounts. The good news is that Hajj bookings are now open at Muslims Holy Travel. Drop us a message, and one of our representatives will explain all Hajj offers from the UK.

Tips to Stay Healthy and Safe During Hajj

  • Carry some essentials with you, like an unscented sun blocker, moisturiser, Vaseline, tissues, and soap. These things can protect you against scorching sunshine, treat rashes, and keep your skin moisturised. 
  • Don’t forget to carry a handbag with you all the time. Make sure you keep water bottles, energy bars, snacks, medicines, and emergency contact information. It can get quite humid and suffocating, especially in tents in Mina, so drink plenty of fluids, be patient, and tolerate fellow pilgrims. 
  • One excellent way to keep yourself relaxed and cool during Hajj rituals in hot weather is to use neck fans, small mist fans, or portable ACs. These things are generally battery-operated and don’t add much weight to your luggage.
  • Climbing the mount of Arafat has no solid reference, so save up your energy. Instead of going up the hill, stay in the plains and listen to the sermon.
  • When in Muzdalifah, you’ll stay under the open sky. Try to stay with your group, and if there are elders or children with you, take special care of them.
  • Ask the barber to use a disposable blade to avoid infection. Check that the barber uses neat and clean equipment for cutting hair.

Why Book a Hajj Package from Muslims Holy Travel?

There are plenty of Hajj travel agencies in the UK offering greater pilgrimage services. Not all are equal. Some are better than others, and this is why Muslims Holy Travel is the market leader due to its commitment and passion for providing top-notch services to our fellow British Muslims. Here is a sneak peek at why we are the best Hajj tour operators in the UK.

  • All-inclusive Hajj packages with flights, hotels, and transportation
  • Cheap Hajj plans for 2025 and 2026
  • A wide range of VIP and private Hajj packages
  • Short Hajj for Muslims on a tight schedule
  • Smooth and hassle-free online Hajj booking process
  • ATOL-Protected and IATA-Certified Hajj deals
  • Dedicated and experienced staff committed to providing excellence
  • High-end hotels, direct flights, and transportation

Buy a Hajj Package from Muslims Holy Travel and Immerse in a Life-Changing Experience

Being the leading Hajj service provider in the UK, we know what matters to the pilgrims. We strive to provide the best value for money to all our customers by offering the cheapest Hajj packages with enough amenities and facilities during pilgrimage in the holy land of Saudi Arabia. So, what are you waiting for? WhatsApp us at 0772 399 3641 or call us at 0203 900 0310 to learn more about affordable Hajj packages for 2025 and 2026.