1. How to Confirm my Bookings?

Your booking is confirmed right at the moment when you enter your debit card information and press the confirm button. After submitting these details, you’ll receive a confirmation email shortly. The email will contain detail information about the selected packages, pricing and other essentials.

  1. How to Book E-Ticket?

On the airport, show the email you received from Muslims Holy travel along with the valid copy of passport and e-ticket will be issued at the moment.

  1. How Can I Cancel a Flight?

You can send a cancellation request at info@muslimsholytravel or call us at the contact number. Else if payment is failed, the booking will cancel automatically.

  1. What is Baggage Allowance?

You can confirm allowance details from your airline that how much weight of a handbag is allowed.

  1. What about the Refund Policy?

The refunding process may take 10-40 days or maybe 12 months. Now, concerned airline and consolidator reserve the complete right to investigate the case before refunding. General refunding charges in most cases are £5.00 per passenger.

  1. What is the Difference Between Chartered Fights and Scheduled Flights?

Scheduled flights are handled by the airline companies from one place to another on the set time and more than once in a week. Chartered flights are catered by holiday package providing companies that are cheap but then also lack facilities.

  1. Can I Book at Last Minute?

Sure, but it is highly recommended to go for advance booking, last minute bookings are comparatively expensive and unavailable at various times.

  1. What is the Difference Between Indirect, Direct and Non-Stop Flight?

Indirect flights are where passengers can roam around the country within the stay time, direct flights are supposed to take a stay for refuelling at different airports but passengers are not allowed to get off the plane. However, non-stop flight directly reaches the destination without staying anywhere.

  1. What if my Name Spellings are Incorrect on the Ticket?

Well, it is one of the common problems of travelling and people with different information on the relevant document is not permitted to fly. In order to avoid this hassle, keep all your documents organized.

  1. Can I Book a Flight for Someone Else If I am not Travelling?

Yes, it has the same procedure. Confirmation is done directly by contacting you and it is not scheduled until you confirm the reservation.

  1. When and How can I Receive my Ticket?

Tickets are usually conveyed through courier within 7 days. However, the signatory must be present at the receiving end with his/her ID card. In the case of urgency, you’ll receive your tickets within 24 hours from booking.

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