Terms & Conditions

User agreement between the user (user, you) and Muslims Holy Travel (we). It is advised to read these conditions of use before using Muslims Holy Travel or making reservations. You approve these terms and conditions when you do the booking without criterion. If you disapprove any clause or condition of the agreement, you may not proceed to book package on the site in any way or reserve booking. Each and Every association regarding client provision or your reservations should be sent to Muslims Holy travel or email at info@muslimsholytravel.co.uk.

Clauses of these Terms & Conditions

  1. Your Contract
  2. Conditions for delivery of your reservation
  3. Modification or Cancellations Terms
  4. Limited license and ownership
  5. Payments terms
  6. Passport, visas and health terms
  7. Other relevant terms and conditions

Your Contract

  • Booking is referred to reserve a package, product or service from our website which reaches us and we deliver it to you. After successfully making your reservation, a contract will be established and a receipt will be issued when we have received payment from you and verification email is sent.
  • (Muslims Holy travel has a huge diversity of offers and the unambiguous terms conditions relevant to the booking either you book for flights, package, hotel or all-inclusive package of it. Muslims Holy Travel is working as a mediator for a third party associated, that supply the services as airlines, hotels and any other travel product offered by travel suppliers through our website. When you book through a website and the travel product is available, the agreement will be between you and supplier, Muslims holy travel will not be the part of the agreement.
  • Other products are third-party products –e.g. flights and hotels acquired and paid for at different times and holiday package by another service provider. When you book via the site, the contractual relationship will be established between you and supplier, and Muslims holy travel will not be involved in this contract.



Travel Suppliers

Muslims Holy Travel is performing as disclosed agent for third party service or product supplier and for the use of terms & conditions tours service providers, hotel, insurance, car suppliers, airline and all hotel chains shall be assimilated in the term of ‘Travel Supplier’. As mentioned earlier, in the case travel product purchased to paid separately will establish a contract between you and third-party suppliers, so any queries would be addressed directly to the concerned supplier.  You can opt out for the contact details under the section of more info for each product and in the e-mail sent to you by Muslims Holy ravel or by the travel suppliers. No liability is on Muslims Holy travel for the travel products and services offered by the Travel Suppliers and makes no authentications & warranties (express or implicit) about the suitability or the rightness of the services and products presented on the Site.

Travel Supplier Conditions

The following statement relates to all the facilities and products earmarked by our website:

The service provider’s terms and condition (including airlines’ terms and conditions for bearing) will apply including those set out here. The travel supplier’s terms and conditions include provisions relevant to the payment procedure, accountability, terminations, dissimilarities of bookings and compensations (if available) and any other limitations. As a result, as browsing the website, you will see contacts to terms applying to specific travel dealer products (it is advised to read those terms cautiously) – but for full particulars to the accurate terms and conditions, you should refer to your specific Travel Suppliers.

The customer is liable for fulfilling with flight providers or other travel supplier conditions in relative to check-in times, verification of bookings and other services. Please, note that particularly flights booking terms and conditions, in relation to air travel prices, there are extra terms specific to that fare. E.g. included fares like ‘economy restricted’ are non-refundable.

Flights Booking Terms & Conditions

Flights must be used in the decree set out in your expedition – e.g. failure in use of outbound flight or the first phase of the journey will automatically nullify the rest of the ticket. Please take this into account that, relative to the flight tickets, the recommended minimum check-in time is 120 minutes before the departure for flights to worldwide and 90 minutes to the national flights. Some of the airlines also advise reassuring your return flight reservation at least 72 hours before travel.

Failure in reconfirmation of your flight booking may result in the dissolution of booking. Additionally, all rights of booking cancellation or rescheduling are reserved by the airlines. While Muslims holy Travel as is agent hold no accountability in schedule changing or any cancellations, any kind of rational services will be offered if you need the customer support services. It is to be advised to check in early (especially recommended for economy class) if you have specific seat requests.

Muslims holy travel has no control the seat reservation, even pre-booking can’t help, there is no assurance of exact seat availability on leaving. It’s not liable to Muslims holy travel in the account or for the costs of any conduction between airport or stations that you may acquire. Flights with special fares may not take most direct routes. Some journeys entail a change of aircraft en-route.

Direct Flights & Non-direct flights

Direct flights are the ones without the change of aircraft during the journey. But chances are that stops may be made for refueling etc. the time is given in the format of 24-hours clock scheme and is estimation is based on outbound flights. Direct flight number that must have flight number through, still it may end for a change of aircraft.

Unlikely, non-direct flights are that travel from the departure airport to the arrival destination without halting for stopovers. They are dissimilar from direct flights, which must keep same flight number through, though it may end for a change of aircraft.

Travel Terms & Conditions for Covid-19

48 hours before departure PCR negative report required both ways.
72 hours before departure fvrom UK Muqeem app registration Mandatory,
NHS Original Certificate should be there too, before leaving from UK, It is Mandatory
Both vaccination should be done before 14 days of your departure and holding certificate Original and Copies with u.
E-visa copies at least 2.
Unlocked Smart Phone Individuals
Buy Saudi Sim card right on Arrival.
Download "Eatamarna" app and "Tawakkalna" but put the details on Eatamarna which is for International Pilgrims and Integrated with "Tawakkalna" automatically. But "Tawakkalna" is specifically for Gulf and Middle East (GCC) pilgrims only to be used.
You can get slots there on "Eatamarna" app for Umrah and Prayers permit and it is user friendly.
Daily basis you can get permit for prayers through that app.
Wrist bands and gadgets are not mandatory and allowed to International Pilgrims. It is only allowed for Middle East and Gulf (GCC) pilgrims.
Tawakkalna and Eatamarna Apps are usable on arrival in Saudi Arabia through Saudi Sim Card only.
Returning to UK you need to fill passenger locator Form and to book in Advance 2nd day test kit plus PCR test also required 48 hours before departure from Saudi Arabia.


Please check the below link for all approved labs in Saudi Arabia

Vaccinated Passengers, don't need to do PCR, Unvaccinated or Incomplete Jabs Passengers needs to do PCR test before 48 hours of Departure, as per new Update announced by Saudi Ministry.

In Case, Any new Rules & Regulations Announce by Saudi Government, or UK Government.
We will try to update here or it is your Own Responsibility to Re-Confirm your Flight Schedule, PCR requirements, or any other Mandatory Requirements before 72 hours of your Departure.
Otherwise, Muslims Holy Travel & Times Travel will not be responsible for any kind of Inconvenience

The following stated terms and conditions are applied to all of the booking reservations done through our website:


Generally, taxes are the part of booking procedure for air tickets or accommodation you are given the choice to enter the details of any reliable recurrent hand-out or hotel trust program to which you are associated. Please take this into account that any such leaflets or loyalty programs are a matter of terms and conditions of airline or hotel through which it is reachable.  Those relations might not be served on every payment or all types of fares and class of facility.

If you have any objection on any of the terms and condition, express your concerns to the airline or hotel. Our travel dealers have their own faithfulness cards and possess their own rules and regulations. Contact them directly if you have any queries. If you want to order ‘special’ relating to any product (e.g. food, facilities for disabled people, child seats, etc.), Muslims Holy Travel cannot ensure the fulfilment of any of the services but can forward your request to the Travel suppliers/hotel. It is your liability to settle these deals with suppliers or hotel whether these requests can be fulfilled or not.


Through booking procedure, you’ll be given choice of e-ticket or paper ticket. Note that airlines have their own term and conditions with concern to e-ticketing. Muslims Holy travel has no liability for breaching with these rules and regulations and strongly recommend to check these guidelines in advance to of travel.

Ticket Delivery

  • Muslims Holy Travel is not liable for the information you provided and cannot be held responsible if you lost your paper ticket due to the wrong address or email provided by you.
  • Inform us as soon as possible if you change your email address or phone number.
  • Moreover, don’t forget to verify the name on passport matches on your ticket. Note that no tickets are an issue outside the United Kingdom.
  • Also, address all the delivery requirement with us directly after booking. It is your duty to inform us if you have not received your tickets.
  • If you have other booking (s) with Muslims Holy travel or with any other travel agent, then it is your responsibility to counsel to address your scenario and that you need tickets by the certain time period. We highly recommend you to do this before booking completion process.
  • Please let us know if fast delivery of tickets is required (Please take this in an account that some charges by the airlines may apply in case of re-issue the lost ticket or tickets stuck in the post.) This charge relies on which airline you’re travelling. Royal mail 1stclass delivery of tickets is the platform used by us for ticket delivery, if you do not collect your ticket within 7 working days of your booking then, contact us. After 7 working days, we would recommend you to contact us within 48 hours.

If you contact within 48 hours, the cost of reissue will be covered by Muslims Holy Travel but in another case, you will be responsible for any expenses. Express next day delivery as city link ensures delivery by 18:00 the other day. If you still not receive your tickets, contact us within 48 hours of confirmation email but not before recommended time frame. If you fail to charge You will be accountable for the dues charged by the airline. You can always trace the status of your ticket delivery from the website of the airline through the reference number provided in the confirmation email. Muslims Holy travel may not be able to produce airline tickets of confirm bookings because of the limitations outside its control.  In this, you’ll be informed within 48 hours or we will provide refund or alternative. If you choose the alternative which may be more expensive then original booking, you’re liable to pay the difference in amount. Please note that it may be compulsory to issue your booking number and/or confirmation e-mail to the pertinent Travel Supplier as an evidence of your booking.

Modifications or Cancellations Terms

The following applies to all products and services booked via Muslims Holy Travel website:

  • Any cancellations or modifications of booked travel product or service and the procedure of doing so will be dependent on the Travel supplier’s or hotel’s terms and conditions.
  • Please note that you may not be able to modify or cancel some of the products or services or there are maybe definite necessities you will have to accept.
  •  For flight reservations, for cancellation or modifications, you can contact our call centre or email to info@muslimsholytravel.co.uk.

For Car Rental Following Terms and Conditions Will Apply:

  • The charge of 15 per rental would be charged by the Muslims holy travel on cancelling or amending reservations within 7 days of your booking. After 7 days’ charges impose by Muslims Holy Travel will be 40 per rental.

  • Under some circumstances, Muslims Holy Travel or travel supplier may not be able to process your cancel or amendment request unless we get a written request along with payment of any extra or linked charges.

Please remember that relative to flights, a ‘no-show’ for a flight will eventually cancel your flight ticket and it is not refundable.

Accordingly, if you want to change your flight bookings close to the departure time, we highly recommend calling Muslims Holy Travel and acquire written e-mail verification to that particular alteration before picking not to travel on the original flight. In a relation to car rental, please note that failure in cancelling your booking prior to the pick-up time or do not show up on the pick-up date or you fail to observe supplier’s terms & conditions (see car rental’s terms and conditions).


  • In relation to your flight tickets, please note that payments for your flights will be completely non-refundable. We will not be liable for any refunds on cancellation of your trip by you.  Please note that any time your ticket is issued, it will become totally non-refundable upon cancellation. Muslims Holy Travel holds no responsibility for refunding 100% deposits in any case of cancellation by you once a package is booked.
  • Passport must be validated at least 6 months before you apply for the trip.
  • Your passports will be sent to the concerned embassy and in case your passport is rejected by the embassy, Muslims Holy Travel is not accountable for it.
  • Visa price may be different at the time of booking but Up/down of prices is also possible by the time visa is applied/issued, so, you must pay the difference whatever it could be.
  • Please, note that in case of visa rejection, only hotel and flight can be requested to cancel and Muslims Holy Travel will only refund the payments they will get back from suppliers. Under no obligations, Muslims Holy travel will be responsible for 100% refund of your deposits.
  • Hotels quoted to you are accessible as per the availability, please remember that you will be given same or something similar to the hotels you have been offered. Under no obligation, Muslims Holy travel is responsible to refund your deposits, though we may refund if we get it from the vendors. Anytime you cancel your package booking, remember that no payment is refundable.


If you or any member of your party are forced to cancel your Umrah, the person who made the booking and is therefore responsible for paying the cancellation fee must be notified in writing.The cancellation fee is calculated from the date of receipt of the written cancellation notice.

Amount of cancellation charges (shown as a % total holiday cost)
More than 42 days - Deposit
29-42 days - 50%
15-28 days - 70%
8-14 days - 90%
1-4 days - 100%

After Ticket Issue:

Cancellation will result in a loss of 100% of the total cost of all travel arrangements, please consult with your booking consultant. Charter flights are charged with 100% cancellation fees before and after the issue of tickets

Insurance Policy Cancellation: Financial inputs in the case of life insurance and personal pensions, insurance sold by distance means is subject to a cooling period of 14 days.

This 14 day cooling off period also covers situations wherein you bought a financial product from a broker or intermediary, even if it has been discussed and signed. The insurer or broker must refund any money paid by you within 30 days, although they have the right to deduct a reasonable admin charge (Our Cancellation charge after the cooling period of 14 days is £ 25,00 per insured person) and the amount equivalent to the number of days you have had, regardless of the terms and conditions of the Insurance Issuing Company.


  • You are granted a limited license to download the materials contained on this site to a personal computer and to print a hard copy of such material for your personal non-commercial use only if all copyright marks and other proprietary notices remain intact.
  • Save as expressly and specifically permitted under these Terms of Use any translation of the materials contained on this website and in its databases on any other website or other media shall be strictly prohibited. You are also prohibited from: (a) framing this site or any part thereof on any other site; or (b) Site or b mirroring this site using automatic screen capture on another server or capture or screen scraping technology to obtain any kind of information from this site.Subject to your agreement and compliance with all of these terms of use, the grant is limited license. Software is owned or licensed to us if any made available for download from this site. You are granted a non-exclusive non-transferable license to use the software in accordance with this website if there is no such license with these terms and conditions of use. All copyright and all other intellectual property and proprietary rights of any sort in any way relating to this website, including, but not limited to, those relating to its branding of content and software services and any other materials made available on and through it that you do not receive in accordance with these terms of use are hereby expressly reserved to Muslims Holy Travel or, in the case Other brand names and logos provided by their respective owners on this website.

Payment Terms

Full payment is required at the time of booking your flight packages. You may be obliged to pay extra charges for car rental (e.g. optional insurance, mileage, additional drivers) as described in the car rental terms and conditions. There are three ways of timing of the payment:

  1. Pay full at the time of booking

  2. Deposit at the booking time rest due on checkout

  3. Pay full fee on checkout

To know which applies to your booking, please see your verification e-mail or refer to a ‘Payment Summary’. Muslims Holy travel, travel supplier or any associate will be the collector of the payment. Another payment method then those mentioned on the website will not be accepted and no liability is on Muslims Holy Travel for cash or cheques sent via post.

Muslims Holy Travel neither a travel supplier is obliged to issue ticket, vouchers or other relevant documents before receiving a full payment. However, in all cases, you’re responsible for paying the amount agreed for the travel products and services booked you.

Muslims Holy Travel as an IATA registered ticketing agent assure the issuance of tickets for scheduled flights within 24 hours of your payment being accepted. Payments can be paid by the debit or credits card as detailed on the Site. Muslims Holy Travel or Travel suppliers have a complete right to issue tickets, e-vouchers, confirmations or any other travel documents to your billing address when demanded to do so by the card issuer.

Please note that in case you fail to provide the accurate billing address information can result into the cancellation of booking, fares may exceed or delays to the issue of your tickets. Make sure that billing address should match to the one mentioned on your billing statement. However, we also reserve the right of cross-checking your information against a valid third party like name, address and all other personal data provided by you during booking process, it is done only to avoid any credit card frauds. Agreeing to these terms and condition you approve to such checks being made. In relation to these checks, your personal information may be conveyed to a registered credit reference agency which may store that information. Please be assured that it is only done to validate your identity and that your credit card rating will not be affected. All of the information collected from you will be guarded strictly under the Data Protection Act 1998.

We may ask you to post or fax the proof of your address and credit card copy along with a recent statement before issuing any tickets. Compensations will be handled to the method of payment used at the time of booking. It will be payable to the person who made original fee. Taxes varies in the line with exchange rates. If you pay via credit card, your payment for flights may be taken directly by the airline. In case of a problem with your payment, you will be contacted by us within 48 hours (24 hours in case you’re travelling time is within 48 hours.)

Any subsequent increase in price as a result of payment failure has no liability on Muslims Holy Travel. Any price increase must be paid by you before booking confirmation. Any charges by the Muslims Holy Travel, airline or any other payment done for any products will appear as a separate transaction on your credit card statement

Other General Applicable Terms

Muslims Holy Travel is not legally responsible where the failure to deliver a part or all of your booking, demise or personal damage/injury is not caused by any liability of us, agents or travel suppliers. In a relation to international travel air, our responsibility will be limited in a manner provided by the applicable international conventions. Muslims Holy travel is accountable for direct loss that will be inadequate to a maximum of the total price of the products or services in accordance to which a statement is made (save for the case of death or personal injury in a relation of which there is no edge). Muslims Holy travel will not be accountable for any subsidiary or substantial loss of any kind in agreement, wrongdoing or otherwise arising out of your Use of this website or any of the travel products or services reserved or purchased on this website.

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