The Cost of Doing Umrah and How to Buy Umrah Tickets?

24 May 2024

Umrah and Hajj are the most sacred journeys for Muslims. Allah orders all Muslims in the second chapter of the Holy Quran to complete Hajj and Umrah for Allah. This verse clearly shows that these worships are for Allah, and only He knows how much reward each has. The most important thing to consider before planning Hajj or Umrah is the cost of the trip. Since Hajj is an annual event and a costlier affair than Umrah, many people prefer doing Umrah when they get a chance. This guide explains average Umrah costs from the UK, factors that affect the overall price of an Umrah trip, tips to book the right travel agency, and how to book Umrah tickets safely.

Umrah Costs from the UK

An Umrah package usually varies from £500 and goes up to £2200 pounds. You can find Umrah deals cheaper or costly than this range. A wide price range ensures that more and more people from different economic classes can avail Umrah services. An interesting thing to note here is that these prices also include the travel agency’s profit margin. If you are a seasoned traveller and know how to book flights and hotels, you can save a lot. On the contrary, these packages are best for first-time pilgrims and for sudden plans.
Moreover, if you want to do your Umrah peacefully, paying a higher price is worth it. You’ll get all the necessary facilities in these packages.

Factors That Affect Umrah Package Price

Season: Peak vs. Off-Peak

Umrah prices are higher during peak season. The reason is that more and more people travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah during peak months. This increases the demand for flights and hotels, resulting in higher costs. You’ll be surprised to know that the same package during Ramadan is around 300 pounds more than September or October Umrah packages. Similarly, the price of Umrah packages is high in December and January.

Types of Umrah Packages

Another factor that has a profound impact on the price of Umrah is the type of package you opt for. The packages are typically divided into three categories to ensure that people from all classes can perform Umrah.The first type is a 3-star Umrah package. These packages include hotels that are generally located around 1000 metres away from the holy mosques. The flights usually have a stopover. These Umrah deals come with one meal, typically a breakfast.The second option is a 4-star package. They include 2 meals (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). The hotels are around 500 metres away from Masjid Al-Haram and Masjid Al-Nabwi. Some of these packages include ziyarats and transportation. 
The 3rd type is the most luxurious way to perform Umrah. Known as 5-star Umrah packages, they include all the services. These all-inclusive packages have high-end hotels located around 100–200 metres from the holy mosques. Moreover, most of these packages include direct flights, guided tours, transportation, and access to hotel spas and wellness centers. A 5-star package starts at £700 for 5 nights and goes up to £2000 for a 14-night stay in Mecca and Medina.

Duration of the Stay

Umrah costs are directly related to the length of the package. A 14-night 4-star Umrah can cost you as much as £1800, while a 5-night deal with the same hotel is around £1400.

The quality of the hotels and rooms you book also impacts the final price you’ll pay for Umrah. For example, places like Raffles Makkah Palace, Makkah Clock Tower, Pullman ZamZam, and Hilton Suites are the most lavish and costly hotels to stay in Mecca. Similalry Madinah Hilton, The Oberoi, InterContinental, and Ruve Al Madinah are the costliest hotels in Medina.


Pilgrims can control the overall price of Umrah by changing their travel style. Going for economy seats compared to business or first-class seats can save you a lot of money. Similarly, booking a flight well before your departure date is cost-effective option. You can use these savings to upgrade your hotel or extend your stay.

How to Book Umrah Tickets Safely for a DIY Umrah Plan?

Pre-planned Umrah deals typically come with tickets. If you are planning an Umrah yourself, knowing how to safely book Umrah tickets can help you save money and ensure that you don’t get robbed.The safest way to book a flight is through a reputable travel agency. You can use the process explained below for vetting a travel agency. The second option is self-booking. There are various sites and platforms that offer flight bookings. This option allows you to compare different flights on your preferred dates. You can tweak the settings to see the different flights available. Moreover, if you book well in advance, like 4-5 months before your travel date, you can get cheaper tickets.
Another thing you need to do is ensure that the payment is made through safe channels. You can use PayPal to ensure that you can get your money back in the event of a fraud. Don’t forget to verify these companies on Company House and other business platforms. You can ask for a screenshot of the ticket receipt before paying. Legit companies are happy to share this information, but they crop or draw over sensitive information such as the order ID number.Moreover, there are many ticket-selling websites that don’t commit fraud. They have a reputation and business to protect. The fraud usually happens while working with solo travel agents that don’t reveal too much information and offer unbelievably cheap prices.

Tips to Select the Best Umrah Travel Agency

Now that you know the factors that affect the overall cost of an Umrah package, you will be in a better position to select the best deal for your next Umrah. The above information will also help you when communicating with a Umrah travel agency. This section discusses how to select the best tour operator for your next Umrah.

Find a Few Options

The process begins with finding the right company for your trip. There are two ways to do this. You can ask for a recommendation from friends or family or look up the best ones on the internet. The first option comes with the added benefit of trust and a first-hand account of the services provided by the travel agency. If you get a recommendation, you can skip the steps below, but make sure you do some research on your end too.

The other option is to find a travel agency yourself. This is not too technical either. You simply have to include the details of the package you are looking for, like the travel date and departure city. Your search engine will display the best packages. Make sure you select at least 5–6 options. It is not necessary that the ones at the top are always the best. Hence, you have to be a bit watchful while picking up the packages.

Check the Travel Agency’s Reviews and Certifications

Things get interesting here, as this is the most vital step in the process. Find the shortlisted travel agencies on different platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Trustpilot. Check the ratings and reviews for these companies. Now here’s the part that will help you pick the best tour operator. Read the reviews critically, and ensure they are from actual customers. Too much flashy reviews that appear like a sales pitch are often (but not always) paid. If you find the company has a higher percentage of these reviews, stay away from them. Genuine reviewers give feedback in detail and often contain real images. The second step in company verification is checking its ATOL status, approval from the Saudi Hajj and Umrah Ministry and Companies House UK. All these things ensure that you are hiring the right company and your valuable money will not be wasted.

Compare Package Details & Cost

This step determines the level of services you will get and what you will pay for them. Compare the services and prices offered in at least 4–5 packages. We suggest you don’t go for the cheapest package; select the one that offers maximum convenience during Umrah. We agree that price is a major factor, but spending a few pounds extra can get you better services and make your trip more peaceful.

Discuss Hidden Costs and Terms & Conditions

Some travel agencies include hidden costs in the form of transportation, drinks, or guided tours. Discuss with them if there are any such costs. Moreover, going through the terms and conditions before agreeing can help you avoid any problems later on.

The Wrap-up – Muslims Holy Travel: The Best Travel Agency for British Muslims

We have explained almost everything you need to know about Umrah package prices and how you can book tickets for your next Umrah trip. If all this discussion seems overwhelming and you want to perform Umrah peacefully without any hassles, contact Muslims Holy Travel. We are a leading travel agency for Muslims living in the UK. Our premium Umrah packages offer the best Umrah services at affordable prices. Apart from Umrah packages - Muslims Holy Travel, we also provide excellent honeymoon packages and holiday packages to Muslim countries. 

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