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It is the desire of millions of Muslims to perform Umrah in the Holy month of Rabi-Ul-Awwal since this month holds great significance in the hearts of Muslims. Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) was born in this Holy month of Rabi-Ul-Awwal. Therefore, Muslims Holy Travel feels honored and privileged to arrange special Rabi-Ul-Awwal packages for our Muslim brothers and sisters residing in the United Kingdom to spend their Rabi-Ul-Awwal in front of Roza-e-Rasool to which we all hold great respect. We are committed to making all the necessary arrangements so that you can fulfill your spiritual desire and perform Umrah in Rabi-ul-Awwal.

5 Star Rabi-Ul-Awwal Umrah Packages

7 Nights 5 Star Rabi ul Awal Umrah Package

  • M Hotel Makkah by Millennium Makkah ( 4 Nights )
  • Al Salihiya Medina Madinah ( 3 Nights )
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14 Nights 5 Star Rabi ul Awal Umrah Package

  • Pullman ZamZam Makkah Makkah ( 7 Nights )
  • Al Aqeeq Madinah Hotel Madinah ( 7 Nights )
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10 Nights 5 Star Rabi ul Awal Umrah Package

  • Hilton Convention Hotel Makkah ( 5 Nights )
  • Madinah Mövenpick Hotel Madinah ( 5 Nights )
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4 Star Rabi-Ul-Awwal Umrah Packages

7 Nights 4 Star Rabi ul Awal Umrah Package

  • Dar Al Eiman Grand Hotel Makkah ( 4 Nights )
  • Dar Al Eiman Al Manar Madina ( 3 Nights )
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14 Nights 4 Star Rabi ul Awal Umrah Package

  • Dar Al Eiman Al Andalus Makkah ( 7 Nights )
  • Al Rawda Al Aqeeq Hotel Madina ( 7 Nights )
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10 Nights 4 Star Rabi ul Awal Umrah Package

  • Dar Al Eiman Ajyad Hotel Makkah ( 5 Nights )
  • Al Eiman Al Qibla Hotel Madina ( 5 Nights )
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3 Star Rabi-Ul-Awwal Umrah Packages

7 Nights 3 Star Rabi ul Awal Umrah Package

  • Dar Al Eiman Al Sud Hotel Makkah ( 4 Nights )
  • Al Eiman Ohud Hotel Madina ( 3 Nights )
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14 Nights 3 Star Rabi ul Awal Umrah Package

  • Dar Al Eiman Al Khalil Makkah ( 7 Nights )
  • Mawaddah Al Noor Hotel Madina ( 7 Nights )
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10 Nights 3 Star Rabi ul Awal Umrah Package

  • Nour Al Thuria Hotel Makkah ( 5 Nights )
  • Elaf Taiba Hotel Madina ( 5 Nights )
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If you are Planning for Holy JourneyGuided Ziarat to all Holy Places in Makkah & Medinah
Jabl-e-Rehmat (Makkah)

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Mecca and Medina are the two most sacred cities in the Muslim world. Both of these Holy cities, once home to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), hold great sanctity and respect in the hearts of Muslims around the world. And it is the desire of every Muslim man and woman to visit these holy places. Muslims perform Umrah to be grateful to Allah Almighty for His blessings and to seek His forgiveness. While Muslims are obliged to perform Hajj once in a lifetime to pay tribute to the Creator of the entire universe and what lies beyond it, they can perform Umrah at any time other than Hajj months. As Muslims aspire to perform Umrah in the month of Rab-Ul-Awwal because of their love and devotion to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). And we take great pride in helping Muslims fulfill their most pure desire to cleanse their souls.

Executive and Luxurious Rabi ul Awwal Umrah packages 2024

We at Muslims Holy Travel are all set to arrange this Holy journey for our highly valued clients. We have created a bunch of Rabi-Ul-Awwal Umrah packages so that you can choose the one that best suits your demands. If you are looking for executive and luxurious Rabi-ul-Awwal Umrah packages, then you have come to the right place. Choose from our premium Rabi-ul-Awwal Umrah packages, or you can get in contact with our highly skilled and experienced team. Our team can tailor these packages as per your wishes so that we can maximize your comfort and make it as convenient for you as possible. You will be delighted to know that our team strives hard and is prepared to go the extra mile to customize your packages and offer you the most economical deal. Get the best traveling experience with Muslims Holy Travel.

We are known for arranging your tours with the best flights, luxury transportation, and accommodations that are within a short radius of Haram so that you face no difficulty visiting Haram. Most companies arrange accommodations that are far from Holy Kaaba and it becomes inconvenient for families, especially if there are elderly members. This is to make sure your focus remains confined to worshipping instead of facing and resolving minor inconveniences that are such a mood killer. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have crafted the most beneficial range of exclusive Rabi-ul-Awwal packages so that you have the best Umrah experience ever. 

Why Miss on Ziarats when visiting the Holy Mosque

Muslims have a great deal of motivation and zeal to visit the places that are witness to the advent of Islam. Ziarats hold special importance as they are the places where Our beloved Holy Prophet (S.A.W) spent His time preaching and spreading Islam. And Umrah and Hajj extend a golden opportunity to the pilgrims who are in Mecca and Medina to visit these landmark places. 

Muslims Holy Travel believes that every Muslim should possess knowledge of their history, especially regarding the initial days of Islam. It is because of the efforts of our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) that today we are rich with the wealth of Islam. And we should pay respect and tribute to our Islamic heroes by acknowledging their efforts and struggles by visiting Ziarats. Ziarats include several locations where major history-making events of the initial Islamic world occurred.  The Cave of Hira is the legendary place where Angel Jibril first came to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W); marking the beginning of Islam.

The Cave of Thawr is the place where our Holy Prophet took refuge while migrating from Mecca to Medinah. Masjid-e-Quba is the place where our Holy Prophet established the first mosque in Medina. We as Muslims should have knowledge of all these places and the historical events that occurred there. Whether we are living in any part of the world it is our duty to be knowledgeable about our history. Therefore, our company – Muslims Holy Travel has added visits to these Ziarats in most of our packages so that our customers do not have to arrange these visits separately. 

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Muslims Holy Travel is the most trusted brand and carries the reputation of an elite travel operator in the entire UK. Certified by ATOL and verified by IATA, we have left no stone unturned to provide you with the best Hajj and Umrah travel services. Thousands of satisfied clients are a testimony to our success story. Our sole motive is to provide the best luxury services and budget-friendly solutions for our highly valued clients. We always customize our packages in favor of your demands so that we can extend you maximum convenience as promised.  So if you are planning to perform Umrah in Rabi-ul-Awwal, contact us at 0203 900 0310 so that we can start preparing for your trip. You can also send us a detailed email at  info@muslimsholytravel.co.uk to inform us of your demands and our team will get back to you with a budget-friendly package.