Top 5 Emerging Tourist Sites in Saudi Arabia for the Pilgrims

08 May 2024

Saudi Arabia is country rich in culture and tourism. Over the years, it has shown a major potential in tourism with several projects in the development phase and many in the pipeline. Lots of places in KSA were deserted areas in the past, including the Red Sea coast, Al-Ahsa, Ad-diriyah, Qiddiya, etc. With the recent initiatives by the Saudi government i.e. Vision 2030, these areas have also become a center of attraction for tourists. Such a rapid rise in tourism shows the success of Vision 2030.

If you are living in the UK and planning your Umrah journey, you can plan a visit to these sites in the packages you have availed, such as December Umrah Packages, or any other. Pilgrims can thus explore some of the emerging new places during their visit to Saudi Arabia, that they might not have seen before.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in 2024

Muslims from the UK can visit KSA in their winter break by availing of December Umrah packages to perform Umrah and also get a chance to visit these places:


The most famous tourism project of Vision 2030, NEOM ranks as one of the top cities for visitors to explore.  This project is a collection of many small projects. These include The Line, Trojena, Oxagon, Gulf of Aqabah, and Sindalah. Pilgrims can visit these sites before or after performing Umrah:

  • The government envisions Oxagon to become a clean and sustainable industrial grid in NEOM. It follows the standards of Industry 4.0 and the new model of urbanism.
  • Located on the Red Sea, Sindalah is set to become a luxury island beach. This 840,000m² zone will hold sports events, parties, and cultural events. The place will lodge 88 villas, and 333 flats for tourists to stay.
  • The Line is visualized to become a city free of cars and will be just 200 meters wide, 170 km in length, and 500 meters high.
  • Located 50km from the Gulf of Aqaba coast, Trojena is set to become an ideal place for work and vacations. Expected to open in 2026, this zone will offer hiking, mountain biking, sports, wellness, and many fun activities.


Set to become one of the best places for culture, sports, and fun, Qiddiya is one of the most ambitious projects of the Saudi government. The place includes around 300 fun, creative, and sports activities and has already been opened for visitors in 2023. The sole purpose of this project as stated by, Mike Reininger, the CEO of Qiddiya Investment Company is to provide fun to both locals and travelers.

Tourists can enjoy many fun rides like Six Flags which they could only ride in the US before. They can enjoy the fastest, tallest, and longest coaster ride in the world named ‘The Falcon’s Flight’. Creating around 170,000 new jobs, this project aligns with Vision 2030. This exciting place features a water park, a theme park, an arts and sports avenue, a motorsports center, etc.


Famous for being the original home of the royal family of Al-Saud, the kingdom envisions Diriyah to become a famous tourist zone. Al-Turaif, a place listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site is also situated in Diriyah. This place is located on the brink of the capital city of Riyadh and is a place that pilgrims must visit by availing December Umrah packages.

Tourists can savor the local food in over 20 restaurants in the new Bujairi Terrace dining village. They can stay in luxury hotels and shop from the top brands in the world. These include brands like Four Seasons, Six Senses, Oberoi, etc. The place will also lodge the kingdom’s only opera house, universities, and community centers.


Envisioned to be the world’s first family wellness zone, Amaala is situated in the Prince MBS Natural Reserve. It’s a 1500 sq. mile area offering programs to boost mental and physical health. Visitors can also get a chance to avail professional consultancy.

The first phase of Amaala is set around Triple Bay Marine which will be opened to the public by the middle of 2024. People can enjoy visiting and exploring the Red Sea Marine Life Institute. They can swim and explore the marine life as well. The research center also gives visitors a lab tour to witness the current research projects.

Red Sea

Spanning across 10,800 sq. Miles, this place houses nearly 90 islands and deserts. Sitting on the brink of the world’s fourth largest coral reef barrier, the Red Sea offers the best tourism sites. 

Visitors can explore many mountain valleys, historic sites, and volcanoes. They can swim, watch the marine life, and stay in the top hotels. The island is expected to lodge 16 luxury resorts and the pod-like villas of Sheybarah Island Resort. The entire area and all the facilities will run on green energy to protect nature.

Visit the Holy Cities of Mecca & Medina

The best way for the pilgrims to end the holy Umrah journey is to visit Mecca and Medina. Performing Umrah is a dream come true for all Muslims, and the best chance for UK Muslims to embark on this holy journey is by booking December Umrah Packages and making the most out of this time. If they have ample time, they can plan to visit many of the famous places in Saudi Arabia, learn about the rich culture and history of the places, and relish the savory local cuisines here.

If the pilgrims have enough budget, they can explore as many tourist sites in Saudi Arabia as they desire. Other than the tourist places stated above, they can also plan their Ziyarat to some of the most sacred sites in Mecca and Medina. A few of these include the caves of Hira and Thaur, the battle areas of Uhud and Badr, and the mosques Quba and Qiblataen, etc. Muslims Holy Travel is a reliable travel agency in the UK that serves the spiritual needs of the Muslim community with its top-tier travel deals and offers. Choose any of our featured December Umrah packages depending on your needs and budget, and get a perfect chance to strengthen your bond with the Almighty Allah.

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