How Much Money is Needed for Umrah from the UK?

13 June 2024

Umrah is a sacred quest that holds great weight for Muslims. Every year, many British Muslims go to perform this prayer and purify their souls. As per Arab News, this number is rising annually as the Saudi Regime is expanding its religious activities in this region.

However, going for the Umrah is a daunting task as it involves a multistage process, including prepping, planning, and budgeting. One aiding factor is cost. Hence, Muslims often ask, “How much money is needed for Umrah from the UK?” 
To single out this query, this blog will provide a complete guide on the pricing of Umrah. You will learn the cost breakdown, the factors that influence the pricing, and what’s included in an Umrah package. Let’s see more below.

Factors Influencing Umrah Costs

The following factors contribute to the budgeting for group Umrah from the UK:

?    Flights: This is the biggest factor in the cost of Umrah from the UK. The prices can vary, based on the airlines, dates, and travel time. 
?    Housing in Makkah and Madinah: Once you are in the KSA, lodging is a major issue and also contributes to the Umrah cost. Also, the location of the hotel, star rating, and services can cause a price variation.

?    Transport: Another element is transit which can make a big deviation in the pricing for Umrah. You should plan in advance about their Ziayarats to keep the cost lowest.
?    Documentation: To go to Umrah, you need to get a visa and verify your papers. This process costs money and can impact your budget.
?    Random charges: Food, gifts, and other incidentals can be added during the journey. Therefore, you have to assign some money that can be used during an emergency. 
?    Seasonal costs: Apart from the predetermined charges, you may also face seasonal costs. For example, in peak seasons, the price for every above factor can go high.

Similarly, during the off-season, you can get discounts or compensation. Therefore, it is always advised to plan ahead or book during a feasible time for travel on the budget.

Who is the Best Umrah Provider in the UK?

If you are looking for the best Umrah provider in the UK, one great option is Muslims Holy Travel. This is one of the most reputable agencies in the region. The following are the perks that make this company the best among others:

?    Experience: They have a good record as an Umrah agency, providing services for the last 2 decades. They have a proven record in organizing Umrah journeys. You can verify their experiences on platforms like Trustpilot and Google.
?    Licenses: Another benefit of this agency is that their packages are verified as well as ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing) and IATA (International Air Transport Association)-protected. Hence, you can be rest assured of a safe journey and your money will be secured during travel.
?    Customized packages: They offer a range of Umrah bundles, including tailored bundles. The best thing is that you customize everything as per your comfort for variable budgets.
?    Accommodation quality: Are you looking for premium hotels or accommodation near holy sites? Muslims Holy Travel cares for its clients’ needs. Their expertise lies in providing high-quality residences during your Umrah stay.
?    Customer service: Great customer service ensures a flawless experience. They hire responsible and expert agents who are available 24/7 on call for you. Therefore, you can be assured of a great Umrah trip. 
?    Transparent pricing: The best thing about Muslims Holy Travel is that they are known for their lower prices. You can get the most optimum bundles at very reasonable charges. There are no hidden costs.

Best Umrah Packages in the UK

When making the budget, you need to understand the various types of Umrah packages provided by different companies. For example, Muslims Holy Travel offers these Umrah bundles:
?    Easter Umrah Packages: This bundle is Notably made for Umrah during the Easter holidays. This deal includes all the lodgings, flights, and basic amenities, and can range between 7 - 14 nights.
?    Ramadan Umrah Packages: Double the reward with Ramadan bundles. It includes a range of offers, including economy as well as 5-star luxury deals. 
?    Other Packages: Further, you can also avail of family and group Umrah packages 2025. The benefit of these all-inclusive group Umrah packages is that you can share with other Muslims, travel with a range of people, and be economical. 
Apart from the above deals, there are generally 3 types of Umrah Packages in the UK, cited below:
?    Economy Packages: These bundles cater to people who want to have Umrah travel on a budget. The lodging is usually 3-star or basic hotels. However, this bundle doesn't cut the core amenities as paperwork and processing are included.
?    Standard Packages: The standard packages are usually the most liked bundles as they are both cheap and comfortable. 4-star hotels are included with more amenities like meals and bespoke vehicles. 
?    Premium Packages: These high-end bundles are meant for people who want the ultimate Umrah experience. You will get top-notch services like 5-star hotels, private transport, and guided tours.

How Much Does it Cost for Umrah from the UK?

In the UK, it could cost you up to £800 per person for Umrah for 10 nights. However, this price depends on a number of variables such as provider, type of package, included amenities, and duration of stay. Some companies even provide Umrah bundles for £600. However, it doesn’t include many core facilities. Plus, the number of nights is also less. On the other hand, you can even be charged as high as £1250, if you go for a 5-star hotel.

What is the Cheapest Month to Perform Umrah?

The most affordable month for Umrah is during Summer times. This is because Saudi Arabia has very hot weather. Therefore, there is less trend for people to travel during this time (June - August). Similarly, the months of September - November are also cheap to perform Umrah as they are considered quiet months. However, it also depends on the Ramadan and Hajj days. If these events fall during Summer, there is a high chance that Umrah will be expensive these days.

Tips to Save on Umrah Costs

If you want to do Umrah on a budget, the following tips can help you in this regard:

Plan Ahead

The best approach is that you should make your bookings in advance. Grab those flight and accommodation deals by reserving well in advance. Many companies offer early sales and deals that can benefit you. Also, ensure that you travel during off-peak months like September to November when prices tend to be more pilgrim-friendly.


You have to show flexibility with your Umrah dates and ask your agent to choose a more budget-friendly day. Weekends mostly have a high price tag. Therefore, you should give preference to weekdays with a smaller price tag. The best way is to compare the prices of different airlines and choose the most pocket-friendly alternative.

Modest Lodging

The best way to cut expenses with Umrah on travel is to choose a hotel with less rent. However, they may be far from holy sites. You can even look for portion rooms or guest houses for shared accommodations.

Shared Transport

If you are going to Ziyarats, you can share cabs or even choose public transport. It's more cost-effective and efficient for you. Different ride-sharing services are available such as Uber, Careem, Bolt, and Jeeny.

Light Luggage

Remember that there is a bag limit in Saudi Arabia that you have to follow during your air travel. If you are travelling in Economy, the total limit is 23 kg. First or business-class passengers can take up to 32 kg of weight. It is advised that you should pack light and use laundry at the hotel.

Independent Exploration

Local travel companies in Saudi Arabia offer visits to historical sites. These may be cheap for group travel, but you should book your own rides. Guided tours can put a dent in your wallet.

Do your research and explore independently for a more immersive experience.

Mindful Spending

Unless it is essential, don’t spend extra. Take the medicines, clothes, and other accessories with you from the UK. Be mindful while shopping and focus on the spiritual experience.

Stay Connected

If you are using a UK-based number, you can utilize a roaming service to use locally during Umrah. However, this option could be expensive. Purchase a local SIM card for smooth communication.


The quick answer to how much money is needed for Umrah from the UK is that £800/person would be enough for 10 nights. However, this cost can vary depending on factors such as flights, housing, documentation, and other service charges. If you are looking for a group Umrah with flights, there are various agencies available such as Muslims Holy Travel. Lastly, the best way to save on your Umrah is by planning ahead, adopting flexibility, using modest residence, and carrying light luggage.

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