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If you’re interested in the fulfillment of your Hajj obligation then, Muslims Holy Travel is providing deluxe Hajj packages from Leicester for everyone. You can avail these packages depending upon your price range. We can also tailor these packages as per your budget as well as requirements. In any case, just contact us and we’ll handle each and everything for you. 

5 Star Hajj Packages Leicester

25 Nights 5 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Makarem Ajyad Makkah Hotel Makkah ( 20 Nights )
  • Al Eiman Royal Hotel Madinah ( 3 Nights )

15 Nights 5 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah ( 9 Nights )
  • Al Eiman Royal Hotel Madinah ( 4 Nights )

20 Nights 5 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Infinity Hotel Makkah Makkah ( 12 Nights )
  • Shahd Al Madinah Hotel Madinah ( 7 Nights )

30 Nights 5 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Pullman ZamZam Makkah Makkah ( 23 Nights )
  • Pullman Zamzam Madina Madinah ( 5 Nights )

4 Star Hajj Packages Leicester

30 Nights 4 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Retaj Al Bayt Suites Makkah ( 23 Nights )
  • Al Mukhtara International Madina ( 5 Nights )

20 Nights 4 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Amjad Al Deafah Hotel Makkah ( 12 Nights )
  • Leader Al Muna Kareem Hotel Madina ( 7 Nights )

15 Nights 4 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Dar Al Eiman Al Andalus Makkah ( 9 Nights )
  • Nozol ROYAL INN AN NUZUL AL MADINAH Madina ( 4 Nights )

25 Nights 4 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Violet Al Shisha Hotel Makkah ( 20 Nights )
  • Bosphorus Hotel Madinah Madina ( 3 Nights )

3 Star Hajj Packages Leicester

25 Nights 3 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Abeer Al Azizia Hotel Makkah ( 20 Nights )
  • Saraya Taba Hotel Madina ( 3 Nights )

15 Nights 3 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Maather Al Jiwaar Hotel Makkah ( 9 Nights )
  • Dar Al Eiman Al Nour Madina ( 4 Nights )

20 Nights 3 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Mawaddah Al Rayhana Makkah ( 12 Nights )
  • Wefadah Al Zahra Hotel Madina ( 7 Nights )

30 Nights 3 Star Hajj Package Leicester

  • Mawaddah Al Rayhana Makkah ( 23 Nights )
  • Province Al Sham Hotel Madina ( 5 Nights )
If you are Palnning for Holy JourneyGuided Ziarat to all Holy Places in Makkah & Medinah
Jabl-e-Rehmat (Makkah)

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Adhering to strict quality standards set by the government, we have meticulously crafted all of our featured packages and services in compliance to the Saudi Ministry’s guidelines.

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Possessing an ATOL accreditation is a testament to our provision of high-end services as we prioritize the safety of our valued customers, and keep them protected under unforeseen circumstances.

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Built on the solid foundation of trust and integrity, we are committed towards exceeding our clients’ expectations, reflecting it via our dire attention to details and a personalized approach.

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With the most competitive rates, we strive to make the entire spiritual Umrah experience accessible to a large audience, without compromising on the overall quality of our services.

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Swanky Hajj Packages from Leicester to Embark On the Blissful Journey of Hajj

Entering Allah’s Almighty’s House is a pleasure, and Muslims Holy Travel takes pride in being the supplier of it. It is critical not to lose momentum on the insignificant things of a journey because it is a spiritual endeavor that requires concentration and tenacity. We got all Hajj arrangements set for you in order to give you a serene and tranquil environment. Any gaps in the package are addressed right away, so customers are not inconvenienced in the middle of their practices. Furthermore, we provide exciting Hajj packages Leicester, since one of the challenges pilgrims encounter when doing Hajj is having lodgings that are distant from Haram. We have relationships with numerous 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star hotels in the Haram area. Our affiliated establishments are known for their gorgeous construction, excellent concierge services, and friendly staff. There are several retail centers around our hotels where you may buy everything you desire. Keep unneeded stress at bay and embrace every step of your pilgrimage by praising Allah (SWT) and asking for his mercy. You will feel extremely engaged and productive after you are free of stress and challenges, and you will be able to attend the religious locations more promptly.

Get Enjoy Your Hajj Pilgrimage with Our 20 Days 5-Star Non-Shifting Hajj Package & 22 Days 5-Star Shifting Hajj Package 2024

Performing Hajj is a greatly blessed opportunity that people who are physically and financially capable must avail. The highly professional personnel of Muslims Holy Travel bring first-rate Hajj packages from LeicesterOur exceptional 22 days 5-star shifting Hajj packages and 20 days 5-star non-shifting Hajj package involves all the required facilities of Hajj and you can also customize this deal based on your preference. You can choose your desired flight as well as your choice to travel in either business class or economy class. You will also stay in the high-end hotels of Makkah and Madinah with all the luxuries without any inconvenience. Moreover, these packages mainly consist of amenities that are Hajj visas, Hajj drafts, guidance, pre-Hajj seminar, Madinatul Munawarah Ziayarats, return flights, 5-Star Madinah Hotels with bed, breakfast and dinner, 5-Star Makkah Hotels with a bed, breakfast, and dinner, Food in Mina and Arafat, transportation, stay at Aziziyah & Mina Apartments on a full board basis, and many more facilities to make your journey unforgettable.

Advance and Last-Minute Bookings of Hajj Packages with The Best Airlines

If you are contemplating a Hajj package 2024 with your families, acquaintances, or relatives, don’t delay contacting Muslims Holy Travel’s highly qualified staff. This time, we’re giving even better goods and services while pledging to do even better. We encourage consumers to choose the route they desire, and we provide exceptional Hajj packages Leicester all across the UK to help them do so. You may also seek last-minute deals that include all of the amenities. It is an honor to provide you with all of the best and all inclusive Hajj packages from Leicester UK.

Take a leap of faith and book your long-awaited Hajj spiritual journey right away. We provide a variety of 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star Hajj packages to satisfy all of your requirements and help you complete your journey successfully. We understand the significance of Hajj in Islam, which is why we create everything to perfection. If you want to organize a Hajj journey in the years 2024, don’t lose hope for whatever reason, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, schedule your excursion at the last minute and we will handle everything for you. With our years of service in the UK, we know exactly what our customers want and that’s why we manage everything accordingly.

Why Pick the First Rate Services of Muslims Holy Travel from Leicester?

We have professional or skilled staff capable of covering all spiritual issues. We offer a variety of Hajj packages from Leicester ranging from VIP to budget-friendly, as well as all travel classes. Selecting the finest prospect demonstrates that you value your money. Consider exclusively our services if you wish to enjoy shifting or non-shifting Hajj package offers. We will be with you every step of the way. We are really happy when you express your views with others about your journey with our premium Hajj package. We have built all bundles to meet your specific needs, so you will never have any problems. You will receive a hassle-free experience since we have a skilled team that takes good care of everything. We are especially here to assist you with compassion and the necessary guidelines of Hajj requirements. We are only a phone call away, so give us a call right away if you need a vital service. To know more about our cheap Hajj packages from Leicester UK, you can reach us by dialing 0203 900 0310 or by emailing at info@muslimsholytravel.co.uk