6 Top Halal Holidays Destinations Around the World

22 May 2024

There are a lot of beautiful holiday destinations worldwide but for Muslim families, it was difficult to get to any place they want in the past. Then the realization comes and the term “Halal Holidays” came as a subcategory in tourism. All the countries then started to spend on tourism having a vast scope of opportunities.

You may ask that what does Halal holidays actually mean and what it includes?

Halal tourism includes Halal food, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops selling nonalcoholic products, offers private beaches and resorts exclusively for the families, women, and kids. If you are planning for the holidays in the near future, a number of beautiful destinations are there to offer you a very unique experience.

The Famous Muslim-Friendly Places to Visit

There are plenty of amazing destinations for Halal Holidays either you are traveling with family, only with your partner or solo. Here are the best Halal- friendly countries of the world you can destine for.


Turkey is a Muslims majority country owning a very dynamic and vibrant culture to explore. It has a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that represent the historical and cultural impressions throughout history. Turkey also has the architectural rich buildings includes the magnificent Mosques made of the Ottoman times. Istanbul is famous but tourists should also go to the dream world of Bodrum. Bodrum town is in the south of the country offers a visit to Bodrum castle, Levish, and calm seaside resorts and many more. A fresh Hamam and relaxing on the untouched beaches of the destination are the famous activities. Take a break and go into the Ottoman glories of Istanbul and Byzantine tales of its times. Bask on the glorious beaches of the gracious country, experience the very scenic views of Pamukkale and wonderful Cappadocia. This land is full of historical and natural attractions to roam around. Set out for Turkey if you want a very friendly and destination full of surprises.


Malaysia is One of the very famous halal holiday destinations in the world. It offers you a unique experience of the delicious Malaysian cuisine and the scenic spots to fill your vacations with colors and joys. Malaysia is a melt of multi-ethnic and cultural colors with exemplary hospitality brings you lifetime memories. The country has sixty percent of the Muslim population and having a lot of Halal opportunities for Muslim travelers there. Minara, Kuala Lumpur, twin towers, Mount Kinabalu and the Batu Hindu caves are the most famous tourist attractions in Malaysia. A number of annual festivals, the natural beauties in the highlands of Malaysia invites you to explore the destination during your vacations. Malaysians host you as you are a very valued guest for them. A multicultural and multi-ethnic representation of the country can be seen by tasting different delicious cuisines Malaysians cook. The commonly used ingredients in every kitchen are Rempah, Soy Sauce and coconut, Belacan and Chilli peppers. The must-try dishes are Nasi lemak, Congee, and Roti Canaii, try to explore Malaysia this way.


Thailand having the colorful culture, its stunning beaches and the mouth-watering tastes, leads the top Muslim friendly destinations of the world. Thailand is also called as the land of smiles, people welcome you with the warm smiles and delights. Thailand has a lot of soothing and adventurous opportunities for you, starting from the world-class luxury beaches, and the high mountains in the countries north, You will enjoy a lot. Must visit Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, it is a big city known for shrines and vibrant city life. The other heavenly destination is Chiang Mai, It is a land of beautiful heights and multicolored mountains tribes. Chang Mai is a very attractive place, just like a paradise for shoppers and delightful for adventurers. There is another reason to visit Thailand and that is its delicious foods. Thai cuisines are some of the enticing attractions that make people travel from worldwide to visit Thailand. Some famous dishes you must have to try are Tom yum Goong (spicy soup), Laap, Phat Khaprao, and Khao soi. There are many more delicious traditional foods you need to discover in Thailand, Visit the magical land of Thailand to spend your enthralling holidays with its spices.


Morocco is famous for its unique cultural experiences where traditional norms meld with the modern one. It offers the best destinations in the world for your halal vacations as most of the population is Muslim, you would have a lot of unforgettable moments in Morocco. Tasting the traditional, vast variety of delicious cuisine of Morocco will bring you the unique experience, the most important thing to eat there is the Lamb Tagine, the couscous soup and Pastilla. Don’t forget to try the mint tea of Morocco as it is as famous as the national drink of the country. Marrakech would be your ideal destination of all times along with the Charming Blue city of Chefchaouen, also add the heavenly beaches of Essaouira and Agadir in your destinations. If you think that you are missing something? Yes, Who will ride the camel in the Sahara desert and have a wonderful night there in a camp under the stars? Climbing in the Atlas mountains is a must to do visit if you have enough time for it. That would be so wonderful experience of yours spending your holidays in Morocco.


Following your great experiences in Morocco, Egypt is also having a good repute in the North African region to have great opportunities for Muslim friendly holidays. The beautiful blend of its culture, traditions and historical heritage attracts Muslim tourists around the world. Egypt has a lot to offer you, be it the beautiful beaches, and other scenic destinations to spend the best time with family or it is the traditional tastes you will find unique and very delicious in local/ lavish restaurants. Pyramids are there to explore the old brains, the temples and tombs in Luxor city, River Nile which is historically very significant and note down the many other famous destinations to visit in Egypt. Dining along the Nile river would have a unique impression in you about Egypt. Traditional Egyptian food is another important reason people should visit Egypt. It is an Arab culture and like most of the Middle Eastern countries, Egypt is following the traditions of gathering around delicious foods and celebrate the delights. Ful Medammes, Falafel, Koshari, and Egyptian traditional Shwarma are the famous dishes that every visitor should try.


Spain is primarily famous for its beautiful paradise beaches. But other than this, it has a bulk of history to explore, you will be having a lot of Museums telling you the love and trade tales of the past, and of course that how people are living in present, what the traditions they hold and culture they preserve. There are also opportunities to explore the eye-catching views of landscapes, enjoying the snow festivals on the white Spanish mountains. It has a lot of things to offer, Spain is so vibrant and a destination full of colorful life. Food is an important element of why to visit Spain. Spain is a multi-ethnic and multicultural country so each regional special dish is worth a try. Croquettes, Tortilla Espanola, Gazpacho, and Prawns in fried garlic are the famous dishes of Spain.

Let's Explore the Amazing Destinations with Muslims Holy Travel

Other than these, there are still a number of destinations to opt and travel whether alone, a couple or with family. Millions of travelers visit holiday spots to spend their enthralling  vacations to explore the beautiful world. But Muslims around the world feel reluctant to go to many places thinking of the Halal food and Halal activities on the destinations they wanted to visit. Muslims Holy travel is with an aim of facilitating those Muslims to get their trips arranged in a Halal manner. Currently, we are covering the list of top famous tourist destinations for the Muslim residing in the United Kingdom. Halal holidays on the diverse range of destinations is our priority. If you are traveling across any part of the world which you have researched about, and confused about the Halal food or Halal activities. We cater your needs and arrange your tours to all the related famous destinations at any corner of the world. Book your tickets and hotel, keep all the  essentials with you and flock to your destination, hope for your perfect and memorable holidays.

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6 Top Halal Holidays Destinations Around the World

There are a lot of beautiful holiday destinations worldwide but for Muslim families, it was difficult to get to any place they want in the past. Then the realization comes and the term “Halal Holidays” came as a subcategory in tourism. All the countries then started to spend on tourism having a vast scope of opportunities. You may ask that what does Halal holidays actually mean and what it includes?Read More

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