7 Reasons Why Muslims Choose February Umrah Packages for their Umrah Journey

07 June 2024

Umrah is a prestigious act of worship that takes place in Makkah and Muslims from all around the world are supposed to travel to Makkah to offer Umrah. Umrah is a very honorable religious duty that is not obligatory in Islam but is considered the Sunnah of the Last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Umrah is a beautiful religious duty, without a doubt, it is a dream of every Muslim to follow the Sunnah, to perform the Umrah by visiting Makkah. Umrah is packed with great opportunities and perks for the ones who perform it. Since there are different opportunities, some of the opportunities that Muslims can enjoy by offering Umrah are; Muslims get the opportunity of visiting the beautiful city of Makkah, they can visit the Holy Place Masjid-al-Haram and can see the beauty of Kaaba, it gives the opportunity to make their life better. Just like the opportunities, there are many different perks that Muslims can enjoy by offering Umrah some of the perks are; Umrah let you wipe out your previous sins, and offering Umrah can give you higher rewards and blessings from Allah Almighty.


The history of Umrah comes from the times of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). At that time, in 629 CE, the first Umrah was performed by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and his followers. This was the first Umrah and it lasted for three days. It was the result of the Hudaybiyyah treaty. This peace treaty was signed and then the first Umrah was performed but this peace treaty was dissolved within two years when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and his followers were attacked by the allies of Makkans. After this, in 630 CE, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) ordered and led the conquest of Makkah, and this victory is referred to as the “Succession of Makkah”. This is the history of Umrah.


There are different rituals of Umrah, and Umrah starts in Miqat by wearing Ihram. There are two different types of Umrah; Umrah al-Tamattu and Umrah al-Mufradah. Umrah al-Tamattu is performed along with Hajj in the month of Dhul-Hajj. While Umrah al-Mufradah can be performed at any time of the year, there are no restrictions on time. Muslims are supposed to travel to Makkah from their country and offer Umrah and they can do this by hiring a travel agency of their choice.


There are different travel agencies available which make your Umrah journey possible by offering amazing services. These agencies offer different Umrah packages that can take you to Makkah and let you offer Umrah according to your budget. Since there are different packages, February Umrah Packages are the best because of many different reasons. These packages have startling benefits and they let you travel to Makkah to offer Umrah in the month of February which is the best month to offer Umrah.


Well Organized

Umrah is a very enjoyable and peaceful act of worship without a doubt, but there are different many formalities to complete before even traveling to Makkah. Completing these formalities can take a lot of time and can be very hectic for the pilgrimages of Umrah which is why taking these packages can be very beneficial. These packages offer unique benefits and one of these benefits is that the travel agency will take care of all formalities on your behalf. With these packages, they will complete all the paperwork and file applications, this will save a lot of time. Meanwhile, the travel agency is completing all important procedures and during that time you can meet your friends and family, you can mentally prepare yourself to travel for the most prestigious journey of your life.

Pleasant Weather

Weather is one of the main reasons that makes February the best month to travel to Makkah and offer Umrah. Umrah is performed in Makkah which is the beautiful city of Saudi Arabia which is a very hot country weather-wise. The weather in the summer is quite very hot in Saudi Arabia as this country is also considered the land of deserts. Since there are many different rituals to complete Umrah in the summer season it can be tough for Muslims to perform Umrah and enjoy their journey because of the hot temperature which is why it is much better to perform Umrah in the winter season. February comes in the winter season and the weather around this time in Saudi Arabia is very cozy, pleasant, and enjoyable. This makes February the perfect time to travel to Makkah for Umrah and this can be done by getting Umrah packages February. These packages let Muslims travel to Makkah in enjoyable weather during winter in February.

Proper Guidance

Guidance is very important when it comes to acts of worship. If unfortunately someone offers religious duty with a mistake that can be a very bad thing and it is very important for Muslims to offer religious duty in the right way. Since there are different rituals of Umrah, Muslims must have knowledge about all these rituals to complete their Umrah. When Muslims get these February Umrah Packages 2025, travel agencies also offer them complete guidance. The travel agency will guide them through all the rituals so Muslims can perform Umrah properly and can fulfill their long-lasting dream. With the help of these packages, Muslims can learn about the Umrah properly and are able to follow all the rituals.

24/7 Support

Support is also offered by travel agencies in Umrah packages February. It is very obvious that when Muslims are traveling to a different country to offer Umrah they need support. Every country has its own rules and regulations, its own language, and food. In this case, when Muslims are traveling to Makkah to offer Umrah, they are traveling to a different country which is Saudi Arabia. There is a language barrier, there are different rules and regulations, So Muslims need support so they can easily stay in Makkah during their Umrah journey. With the help of these packages, Muslims can enjoy support from travel agencies as they will assign an agent who will always be available for the Muslims who are traveling for Umrah so if they need support, this agent can provide that support.

Traveling Experience

Muslims are supposed to travel through an airline of their choice when they are traveling to Makkah to offer Umrah and because of these packages, Muslims can travel and choose services of their choice. It is up to Muslims that in which class flight they want to travel on as there are a couple of seat options available such as; business class, economy class, first class, etc. The services and the comfort level of these seats are different and vary from price to price. By getting these packages Muslims can customize the services which means that they can choose any class of seat according to their budget and can enjoy a unique traveling experience.

Decent Accommodation

Accommodation is very important when you are in Makkah, as you will be staying there for a couple of days to perform Umrah and during this time, you need a place to stay and also to keep your luggage. That is why accommodation is best in which you can get a room from a hotel for your choice in Makkah near Masjid-al-Haram. There are different accommodation options available as there are different hotels with different services such as; 5-star hotels, 4-star hotels, and 3-star hotels, and the services of these hotels vary and are according to the price. These hotels offer free Wi-Fi, amazingly delicious food, and different toiletries. Muslims can get the room of their choice by getting February Umrah packages. With these packages, travel agencies will find the hotel of your choice and will also do advance booking so you don’t have to rush to find a room after reaching Makkah.

Spiritual Perks

Umrah is packed with amazing spiritual perks that can change the life of Muslims forever and Muslims can get these perks by getting February Umrah packages. These packages can let the Muslims travel to Makkah and offer Umrah which can lead the Muslims towards amazing perks. Some of these perks that Muslims can enjoy by offering Umrah are; it let Muslims become guests of Allah Almighty in Masjid-al-Haram, it reminds Muslims about the day of judgment, about the importance of this life and hereafter, it wipes away the poverty of Muslims, it makes life easy, it teaches to fight against the hardship of this world and many more. Muslims can enjoy all these perks by getting these packages and can travel to the beautiful land from where Islam started.


February Umrah packages are one of the best packages and ways to travel to Makkah to offer Umrah. These packages are packed with amazing benefits that can deliver a unique experience to Muslims. Some of the amazing benefits that these packages deliver are well organized Umrah journey, travel to Makkah to offer Umrah in very pleasant weather, enjoying traveling and staying in premium accommodation, and many more.

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