How Much Does One Have to Spend During Umrah?

10 June 2024

Offering the scared option of Tawaf and Sai to Muslims, Umrah often comes with many practical considerations. Like Hajj, careful financial planning is vital to board on this holy trip. From airfare to transport, each thing costs some amount and requires pilgrims to prepare. Whether it is Umrah in October, November or any other month, strategic planning is necessary to avoid the hassles of the trip. Coupled with insightful tips for a budget-friendly trip, this guide provides cost estimation for undertaking Umrah.

Estimating the Expenses for an Umrah Trip

Typically, pilgrims have to spend on the following amenities, which are often included in many Umrah deals:

  • Airfare
  • Visa
  • Hotels
  • Intercity transport
  • Food and personal needs
  • Extra expenses


To and from the Saudi state, airfare cost is the first thing that pilgrims have to pay. These prices often vary according to the season, type of airline, and area of departure. Peak times, like Ramadan and Hajj, offer high airfare and other prices due to more demand. Therefore, the travel agencies suggest early booking and choosing the off-peak time to save costs. On average, UK pilgrims have to pay around GBP 600 to GBP 850 for their travel packages.


A visa, a legal permit, is a must to enter the Saudi state. After paying the airfare, it is another major thing to consider. Based on the pilgrim’s homeland, its price varies on a large scale. Umrah packages, mainly for UK pilgrims, cover visa fees to simplify the trip. Hence, these pilgrims don’t need to pay extra or any hidden charges.


On arrival at Makkah and Madinah, the lodging becomes another major expense. From cheap to luxury hotels, pilgrims can find a wide range of places to stay in these cities. Hotels, that are close to Haram, are fairly cost more. Usually, they charge £30-£50 per night for basic rooms. However, the mid-range hotels per night cost between £100-£200. While the 5-star hotels often range above £200. Therefore, pilgrims are advised to choose the place according to their budget and the level of comfort they seek.

Intercity Transport

Whether choosing taxis for short distances or buses for long distances, pilgrims have to pay for each vehicle. Their cost is based on the number of trips they plan to make during their stay in Saudi Arabia.

Food and Personal Needs

Though the above-shared expenses are vital for Umrah, one can’t overlook the daily food and personal costs as well. Meals, drinks, and other needs are to be covered in the budget. However, these prices can vary from person to person, depending on one’s habits and needs.

Extra Expenses

Besides spending on basics, pilgrims should also set aside some money for gifts, charity, or unforeseen expenses. Indeed, tourists equipped with a contingency fund can easily face unplanned expenses.

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Umrah

Budget analysis is vital to avoid the financial strain during the Umrah trip. Here are some valuable tips to effectively manage your costs during the sacred Umrah journey:

Book Early

Close to the departure dates, flights and hotels raise their prices. By booking ahead, one can bypass these sudden surges. With early reservations, pilgrims can get the “early bird discount” to cut their travel expenses. This not only ensures a more cost-savvy trip but also offers a wide range of options to the pilgrims. Early planning confirms a calm trip, liberating pilgrims from the stress of pending arrangements.

Travel in the Off-Peak Season

Opting for Umrah during off-peak seasons is both cost-savvy and relaxing. Other than Hajj and Ramadan, airlines and hotels offer discounts to attract tourists. Whether it is local transport, dining, or shopping, pilgrims are likely to save money during this time. Besides economic perks, this specific time is best for worship. With thin crowds, the holy sites offer a more serene place to reflect and pray.

In less rush, pilgrims can also get more personalized care from travel agents. Hence, traveling outside of the peak religious season makes the sacred trip more memorable.

Compare Deals

When choosing an Umrah deal, it is vital to go through different available options. Compare their pricing and perks to boost the travel experience. Check out the list of hotels they offer. Some are close to the holy sites, while others are far away. Choose the one that meets your budget and needs.

 After that look for the transport included in the deals. Some packages offer private transport, while others provide group shuttles. Though private options are comfy, they cost more. On the other hand, group transport is less costly for the pilgrims. Hence, for economical trips, group shuttles are the best options.

With more charges, some Umrah deals also offer additional services, like meals and guided tours. Take the time, to review the amenities included in different Umrah packages. Pick the one that offers a comfy Umrah trip at cheap prices.

Ensure Financial Safety

Access to emergency funds is crucial in any travel plan, especially when boarding on to the sacred Umrah trip. From health issues to travel hurdles, any unplanned event can take place during the trip. In such cases, financial security can swiftly address the trouble. Acting as a buffer, an emergency fund can cover the medical expenses, hotel changes, or even the cost of an early return trip if needed.

Plus, with these funds, pilgrims don’t need to rely on credit cards all the time. Access to instant cash is worth considering when dealing with emergencies in foreign states. Hence, this fund is not just a financial resource, it is a strategic element of travel planning that can save pilgrims against the unknown.

Exchange Currency

When planning for a global trip, it is vital to exchange currency. Be mindful of the exchange rates and fees before boarding on a sacred Umrah trip. Prefer hometown to convert the money and compare rates at different services. In contrast to airports, choose the local banks, credit unions, and exchange bureaus to save extra fees. Though airports are comfy for this purpose, they cost a lot because of their prime location and the assumption that pilgrims are looking for fast solutions. For better services, go with the following advices:

Research Aptly

Before converting a bulk of money, check the current exchange rates online and compare them with the rates offered by different services.

Don’t go for Last Minute Currency Exchange

Plan early and begin checking the rates a week before the Umrah trip. As the stock exchange market varies daily, pick the time when rates are favorable.

Make the Large Transactions

Comparatively small transactions are more costly, as they come with large fees. Therefore, transact a bulk of the amount and pay the fees once.

Use Credit Cards Wisely

Sometimes, opt for a credit card to avoid foreign transaction fees. The Saudi State has allowed using international credit cards during the pilgrimage trip. Therefore, Muslims should prefer using it wisely for their dining, shopping, and accommodation.

Follow the above-given strategies and be financially prepared to avoid any trouble during the holy Umrah trip.

Have a Travel Insurance

Without travel insurance, the cost of non-refundable tickets and lodgings can be a heavy burden to bear. Therefore, invest in it for a net safety against unforeseen events. From trip cancellations to medical emergencies, this insurance can cover a bulk of expenses for pilgrims. A sudden illness while traveling can be both costly and distressing, especially in a foreign state where regular health insurance may not work. Here, travel insurance can cover the costs of medical treatment, hospital stays, and medical evacuation back to the homeland if needed.

Plus, this insurance can refund you for lost or stolen baggage during your trip. Therefore, you must have travel insurance for a hassle-free Umrah. Always read the policy details carefully to limits and exclusions. Choose the one that fits your specific travel needs.

Set Money Aside for Charity

If you are well-off, consider setting aside some budget for charity. By sharing blessings with the less fortunate, you can boost the Umrah experience. Apart from aiding the poor, donations reflect self-purification as well. Remember, a small amount of charity can greatly impact the recipient and your divine trip. Therefore, be mindful of setting aside some money for charity and boosting your Umrah experience.

Contact Muslims Holy Travel to meticulously plan your Umrah trip in a low-budget.

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