How to Increase Faith in Allah & Become a Good Muslim?

26 March 2024

Every Muslim in today’s day and age worries about preserving his faith which is on a constant trial. With different trials or ‘fitnah’ impacting the Muslims, they need to know ways and means through which they can secure their faith and improve it. This article will touch upon this very important subject which people need to understand, act upon, and share with others. So, let’s get started:

1. Understand This

A Muslim’s life is all about overcoming the trials and tests of life, it always has been, and always will be. A person thinking that his road to heaven will be without passing tests needs to remember this truth that we forget time and again. Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said that a believer’s faith keeps fluctuating. This means that a Muslim must remain hopeful in Allah’s mercy and sincerely pray to help him overcome trials with grace.

Secondly, a Muslim must keep this vital perspective in mind. The life of the companions of the prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H had been full of trials. This means that a Muslim living in today’s times full of trials gains the chance to practice faith close to those holy companions. What could be better than a Muslim getting such a rare chance to prove himself to Allah? However, he then needs to build his faith accordingly to overcome those trials.

2. Read Seerah Like a Novel

Allah orders Muslims to learn from the life of the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H. Forget about reading Seerah, most Muslims don’t even indulge in reading the Quran with translation to understand it. This majorly impacts the faith of a Muslim as he starts viewing Islam from the lens of the culture around him. Seerah helps Muslims understand the true Islam and learn vital lessons that they can apply in their lives.

People including Muslims today read so many novels that contain fictional plots. However, the life of the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. was real and the lessons it gives remain the only ones that any human being needs to know to lead a successful life. Therefore, Muslims must read Seerah like a novel and conduct scholarly research on it. Start reading a short and simple Seerah like ‘The Sealed Nectar’. This will interest the readers to read lengthy Seerahs with more content.

3. Understand Quran

Muslims of the subcontinent in particular need to know that they lack the habit of reading the Quran with translation. They only read it in the Arabic language to gain reward but refrain from understanding it. Only this specific habit has caused the downfall of Muslims. This irony is that when non-muslims read the Quran, they read to understand the message. However, when a Muslim reads the Quran, he reads it without understanding the message.

Muslims need to change this habit as Allah constantly asks all humans to ponder over the message and countless miracles encoded in every syllable of every word of every verse of the Quran. Muslims developed in social and natural sciences when they started understanding every verse of the Quran. Many subjects like biology, physics, chemistry, psychology, sociology, political science, and history erupt from specific Quranic verses. For Muslims to regain strength, they need to illuminate the world with the Quranic knowledge that touches every subject.

4. Explore Miracles of Allah

This message relates to the previous one stating that Muslims must start reading the Quran to understand its message. Either learn Arabic or read the Quran in local translation to better grasp the meaning of each word and syllable. However, learning Arabic proves much more fruitful in understanding the true message of the Quran. Any individual reading the Quran finds many miracles that amaze him.

For example, people can find verses about the creation of the universe, the birth process of a child, and many other historical predictions and teachings that prove true today. Any person knowing science and other subjects is amazed upon finding information that was impossible to access at that time. Such wonders of the Quran spellbind the reader and many people have converted to Islam just by reading those miraculous verses. These miracles revitalize a Muslim’s faith in Allah and His message.

5. Help Allah’s Creation

Allah loves a person who does good to His people and other creations as many examples of Seerah prove that. For example, one can find a story about an indecent woman who found a thirsty cat on her way. She had nothing but her shoe to fetch water from the well. She fetched water in her shoe and gave it to the thirsty cat which saved its life. Allah forgave that woman only for this deed and made her enter Jannah.

Many other examples prove the value of a person in the eyes of Allah who helps His creation and loves it for His sake. Thus, a Muslim must show kindness to Allah’s creation whether man, plants, or animals. Plants and trees are also included in living beings. A person planting a tree and taking care of it also earns Allah’s reward.

6. Hasten in Performing Good Deeds

The holy prophet P.B.U.H. has advised Muslims to hasten in doing good actions as they approach the end times having trials and tribulations. This advice stands very important as we observe today Muslims lacking in doing good actions. They talk sweet but act bitter. This cannot be the way of a Muslim so he must start practicing Islam instead of only preaching it. As a wise person states that, action speaks louder than words. Muslims must embody the Quran and preach it through actions and not just words.

It needs to be understood that no good deed stands trivial in the eyes of Allah Almighty even if it's in a small matter. What counts for Allah is the intention behind doing a good deed. Therefore, perform even the smallest action with pure intention or, perform actions that come out of good intention.

7. Visit the House of Allah

Umrah and Hajj both pilgrimages revitalize a Muslim’s faith. In a time when the Muslim world is in downfall and trials are pouring like rainfall, visiting the house of Allah becomes vital. Muslims who can afford must keep visiting Mecca and Medina and ask sincerely for Allah’s help and mercy. But remember that Allah says in the Quran that He doesn’t change the state of people, who don’t strive to change their condition as well. Thus, keep working hard on yourself and pray to Allah for your benefit and the benefit of other people. Meanwhile, if you desire to undertake Umrah tours along with your friends and family then head to a reliable travel agency.

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