How to Make the Holy Month of Ramadan Productive?

22 May 2024

Muslims all around the world are reveling in the blessings of the holy month of Ramadan and trying their best to make the most of it. This month holds immense importance in the Islamic culture as Allah forgives the past sins of Muslims if they pray and perform good deeds. Performing Umrah in the month of Ramadan gives chance to Muslims to multiply the rewards. Many travel agencies around the world offer the best economy Umrah packages for pilgrims who want to perform the pilgrimage at reasonable rates. As every Muslim also wishes to know how they can make their Ramadan fruitful, we bring this article to share ways in which Muslims can avail of the maximum benefits of this month.Let’s discuss each one by one:

1.    Maximize Prayers

Ramadan is the best month to not only get regular in praying five times a day but also add to the regular prayers. Tahajjud stands as the most important additional prayer for its unique benefits. As per a hadith, Tahajjud is the time of the day when Allah ascends to the lowest or the seventh heaven. A famous Islamic mystic Rumi has beautifully explained this hadith.  He says that just as the sun rises in the sky during daytime and the moon comes into the sky in the night, Allah also ascends in the sky during the time of Tahajjud. Thus, praying nawaafil and making dua prove fruitful in this time. The importance of Tahajjud prayer is immense and what is better than praying them in Ramadan? Praying both taraweeh and Tahajjud prove fruitful but Muslims can also perform more nawaafil to multiply the rewards of Ramadan.

2.    Pray to Allah

One of the important things that a Muslim must remember is to pray as much to Allah as he can to earn rewards and also get his prayers heard. A person who performs all the prayers and fulfills other obligations must also put similar stress on praying to Allah. Often a person prays five times a day, gives zakat, keeps fast but doesn’t pray as much as he should. The purpose of performing religious duties is to get close to Allah. What’s the purpose of achieving Allah's closeness if one doesn’t put forward his desires and needs in front of Him? And what other deity a Muslim can ask for help other than Allah? Thus, a Muslim must pray to Allah and increase it in the holy month of Ramadan. He can pray for Allah’s mercy, His forgiveness, and safety from hellfire which the three Ramadan Ashras offer.

3.    Read the Quran with Translation

The first translation of the Quran in Urdu came in 1826 and 1649 in English. This tells us that people mostly used to read the Quran in Persian or the original Arabic language. This information seems vital for the subcontinent Muslims where the Quran came in Urdu in 1826 and 1911 in Hindi. It means that people read the Quran to earn rewards more than understanding its meaning. The holy Quran presents numerous miracles belonging to science and arts. It asks human beings to ponder over several wonders of the universe. However, Muslims mostly read the Quran in Arabic to earn rewards as its reason stated earlier. This needs to change this Ramadan. Muslims can learn Arabic and in the meanwhile read the Quran with translation to grasp its meaning, message, and miracles. Only doing this will restart the process of scientific learning for Muslims.

4.    Help People

People can help the poor and needy in the holy month of Ramadan. However, they can find more ways to help them other than following the usual ways like giving money to any poor person asking for it. For example, one can find out about people who live on rent and don’t have money to pay. He can pay for them and ease their stress. People can start Ramadan drives to feed the hungry like the laborers. A person can take care of the school fees of a poor child and help him complete his education. People can go to old age homes, orphanages, homes for girls with acid burns, etc. They can either pay Sadaqah to authorities, pay for books for children, or feed those needy people themselves. In short, a person can think of a long list of problems people deal with, and solve them in Ramadan.

5.    Perform Umrah in Ramadan

Ramadan comes at the top of most special Islamic months. The reward for prayers and doing good deeds multiply in this month. However, similar can be said for Umrah. Performing Umrah also maximizes the rewards and Allah forgives all the previous sins of a person if his Umrah is accepted. Thus, performing Umrah in the month of Ramadan increases the efficacy of this month by tenfold. Pilgrims can opt for the best 3-star Umrah packages, save a lot on their pockets, and perform Umrah in this month. Performing Umrah in Ramadan offers the most spiritual experience that any Muslim can ask for. Collecting the rewards for both Ramadan and Umrah is like a lottery that can spiritually enrich Muslims in this world and in the hereafter as well. Doing I’tikaaf in Makkah or Medinah amplifies the spiritual experience that most Muslims can only desire.

6.    Keep Up with Good Actions After Ramadan

A Muslim must remember that Ramadan is a bonus month when he attains most rewards for the same things he would do in other months as well. However, Allah has bestowed Muslims with this month to encourage them to perform good deeds. The practice they do in Ramadan must convert to a continued habit in all the other eleven months as well. This will increase the ranks of a Muslim in the eyes of Allah and he becomes His special. Try to leave a bad habit as well as Ramadan is best for this purpose. Many recent scientific studies show that thirty days prove enough for a person to leave a bad habit. This includes taking intoxication, lying, eating too much, etc. Performing Umrah in Ramadan proves useful to take the mind off several bad thoughts, avoid bad companies, and resist temptations.

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