Top 6 Tips to Easily Perform Umrah This Summer

10 May 2024

Performing Umrah is one of the most profound spiritual experiences for Muslims including new converts. Every pilgrim considers himself a guest in the House of Allah where every uttered prayer is heard and accepted. Several Muslims spend life savings to reserve Umrah packages and visit the House of Allah and the Medina Mosque.

How Performing Umrah Can Prove to be Hectic?

Performing Umrah can be tough especially for elders and handicapped for several reasons:

Large Crowds

One of the major factors that can make the Umrah difficult is the large crowds. As per several reports, Ramadan, December, and January are the most crowded months for Umrah outside of the Hajj season. The reason is that pilgrims experience the most pleasant weather during these months Ramadan has its own spiritual worth that compels Muslims to visit the holy places in this month. As per the hadith of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H., performing Umrah during Ramadan is equal to Hajj and that’s why people prefer this month over others. Only in 2024, over 8 million Muslims have been reported to perform Umrah in Ramadan. Thus, performing Umrah among such large crowds can prove to be hectic while hotel and ticket prices also surge due to the increase in demand.

Extreme Weathers

Saudi Arabia is a desert country with temperatures ranging between 29 to 43 degrees Celsius during summer and 19 to 33 degrees Celsius in winter. However, the summer season is always longer than the winters and thus, adds to the difficulty of pilgrims.

Intending pilgrims looking for lucrative Umrah packages mostly have to choose between facing large crowds or harsh weather. For instance, November to February is the winter season and thus, most pilgrims choose these months to perform Umrah. However, they have to face large crowds and spend more cash on buying expensive travel tickets and hotels. On the other side, pilgrims will have to face severe hot temperatures from March to October excluding the Hajj season. The benefit is that the ticket prices and hotel rates remain relatively low which suits intending pilgrims with low budgets.

Tips to Make Summer Umrah Easy

As per the stats shared above, pilgrims have to face 8 months of severe hot weather in Saudi Arabia. Such weather can take a toll on the, especially handicapped, elders, women, and children. The following tips will help pilgrims perform Umrah despite facing scorching heat:

Pick the Ideal Time to Perform Umrah

Discuss and finalize the ideal time to perform Umrah with friends and family before departing. The reason is that pilgrims can perform Umrah at times when the heat is at its lowest. As stated by the Saudi Hajj and Umrah Ministry, 7:30 am to 10:30 am and 11 pm to 2 am are ideal times to perform Umrah. Pilgrims can schedule their Umrah during these times so they don’t have to face severe heat. This tip can prove helpful for elders or people with health issues like Diarrhea, sugar, high blood pressure, etc. Pilgrims can perform other activities during hot hours following other Umrah tips to fight scorching heat.

Avoid Large Crowds

Although pilgrims opting for Umrah packages between March and October (excluding Hajj season) face few crowds, the peak hours can prove to be hectic. The reason is that most pilgrims try to perform Umrah during ideal hours as stated before by the Hajj and Umrah Ministry. These hours are considered ideal as pilgrims don’t have to face severe heat. However, the large crowds can take a toll on some pilgrims.

To avoid large crowds, pilgrims can circle Ka’abah in a particular part of Mataaf, where the crowd is less. Usually, more pilgrims circle close to the Ka’abah, kissing the Black Stone, touching the Ka’abah, and observing the place of Prophet Abraham A.S. As the distance from the Ka’abah increases, the number of pilgrims lessens, considering the overall number of pilgrims to be relatively low. Thus, pilgrims can circle Ka’abah from a distance and avoid large crowds.

Take Breaks

Whether pilgrims are performing Umrah or other activities, they can rest for a while, refresh, and then continue their activities. They can eat, drink, and sit inside the covered areas of mosques to gain energy. These areas are cooler relative to the outdoors but pilgrims have to come at least 45 minutes before each prayer to reserve their spots. Pilgrims performing Umrah can also rest between rituals, however, they cannot go outside the mosque vicinity without completing it.
Pilgrims especially those with health issues need to revitalize after a certain time. They must listen to their bodies to figure out the right time to take a break and refresh. Pilgrims must keep juice packs, salt water, dates, and fruits with them at all times to gain energy when they start feeling low. They can keep ice packs in their bags and use them to lower body temperature while revitalizing.

Use Umbrella & Sun Cream

Umbrellas are a must to endure the burning heat while performing Umrah or other activities. Pilgrims apply sun cream before going out to protect their skins from the effects of intense heat. The outside area of Medina Mosque is covered with large umbrellas that open during extreme heat to protect pilgrims from its effects. Thus, pilgrims don’t always have to use umbrellas however, they must keep them in their bags during the day.

Wear Loose Clothes & Cover Eyes and Head

Wearing loose clothes that are also light in color helps pilgrims a great deal to ward off scorching heat. Women pilgrims can wear Abayah with light colors instead of black ones to attract less sun rays and hence, resist intense heat. Wearing glasses and hats both prove effective in warding off intense heat effects. The eyes feel the most heat in the sun and covering them can lower the effects of heat. Hats also prove vital in protecting pilgrims from scorching heat and making their Umrah journey easy.

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