Zamzam Water: Its Importance, Health Benefits, And Scientific Views

22 May 2024

Zamzam water is a popular "souvenir" that Muslims may get from their family and friends when they return from Makkah. Hajj or Umrah pilgrims perform pilgrimage in the Holy Land and obtain this unique water. Zamzam water is well-known for its cleanliness, coolness and revitalizing nature, and thirst-quenching properties. It is the “Holy water” that is drunk by almost all pilgrims and residents of Saudi Arabia. The properties and details of this water are truly amazing.

The Well of Zamzam

The Zamzam Well is positioned in the Holy City of Makkah. It is present on the eastern side of the Ka'bah. It is the cleanest water with several advantages. Every year, millions of Muslims enter the Holy Kaaba to conduct Umrah, and they consume the high-quality Zamzam water. The water from Zamzam well really never stops flowing. It's fascinating water and holds great importance and benefits. One of its finest qualities is that when mixed with any other water, it imparts its properties to that water. Zamzam well is 35 meters deep and draws water from the Wadi alluvium. It is highly revered in Islam and is alluded to as “Sacred Water”. Because of its significance in Islam, Muslims admire this water and regard it as special and valued.

Importance & History of Zamzam Water

Allah (SWT) directed Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) to abandon his wife Hazrat Hajra (R.A) and their young son Hazrat Ismail (A.S) in the hot and desolate desert of Makkah. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) brought his wife and son to Makkah and deserted them in the path of Allah, exhibiting complete devotion to Allah's command. Hazrat Hajra (R.A) was accompanied by an infant who was constantly weeping. Tiny Ismail (A.S) was thirsty, but there was nobody in sight till the farthest range who could aid a mother in distress. She sprinted for rescue seven times between both the hills of Safa and Marwa. However, she was unable to locate anybody. Young Ismail (A.S) began scrubbing the sand where the Zamzam water gushed. When she noticed the water running, she exclaimed, "Zam Zam," which means "stop." She stated this because she wants the fluid to stop gushing so that she could utilize it. Ever since the Zamzam well has been a wonderfully wholesome water source.

This is why Zamzam is of great prominence in Islam. Muslims love drinking this water and taking it with them. It is basically for whatever purpose it is drunk for. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) drink this Holy water while standing and this is mentioned in a Hadith narrated by Ibn `Abbas that:

Muslims can take this water from Mecca for their loved ones so that they can also enjoy this miraculous water. In another Hadith,

Health Benefits of Drinking Miraculous Zamzam Water

There are a lot of benefits of Zamzam water in accordance with Islam. Not just this, science has also proved that this water holds amazing health benefits. Zamzam water has a famous worldwide reputation since it has been approved for its health advantages. King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre in Riyadh analyzed sample data of Zamzam water and discovered that the water was pure and contained essential nutrients. Zamzam water is supplied in 10-liter canisters, and regular and continuous monitoring and inspection verify that the water is safe and healthy for human use. Here are some of the incredible benefits of Zamzam water:

Best & Ideal Water On Earth

The water of Zamzam, according to the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), is the finest water on the planet since it has a variety of beneficial properties. It has the potential to heal any disease as well as serve as a meal. There is no water on earth like Zamzam. In a Hadith Jabir bin ‘Abdullah said that:

Zamzam Cure Diseases

ZamZam water is sanctified holy water with the power to heal sickness. This is valid because of its mineral components, which were considerably distinctive from several other water sources. The holy water contains a substantial percentage of calcium, magnesium, as well as other useful minerals, making it capable of curing diseases. Muslims believe it can alleviate illnesses since it has a long history and Allah created it in response to a mother's plea to satisfy her child's need. The ZamZam well is a miracle and its water can benefit the adherents of Allah Almighty. Moreover, it has the ability to cure fever.

Zamzam Contains Anti-Bacterial Substances

As per extensive water screening studies in Saudi Arabia and Europe, ZamZam water contains fluoride compounds that have the potential to remove harmful bacteria’s from the water making it perfectly clear and genuine for consumption. The anti-bacterial chemicals found in ZamZam water are comparable to those found in traditional medications.

Fortifies Human Cells

ZamZam water possesses the ability to fortify human cells inside the human body. Based on comprehensive research conducted by a German professor in Munich, the water from the ZamZam well can revitalize human cells. This shows the scientific significance of ZamZam.

Hygienic and Free of Germs & Bacteria’s

With the exception of Zamzam, no other water body on the planet is devoid of germs and pathogens. It is the most hygienic and cleanest type of water that is free of pollutants. Zamzam is clean of bacteria and viruses, as well as its quality and pureness, remain unchanged even after years of storage. In a Hadith mentioned below it is stated and showed that how pure this water is? As it was used to clean the heart of our Prophet (S.A.W).

Rich with Calcium and Magnesium

The water at ZamZam comes from the oldest well and is rich in natural resources. Several health specialists believe that the ZamZam water has a high concentration of minerals, the majority of which are germicidal, meaning they destroy pathogens and microorganisms. It has a significant quantity of Calcium and Magnesium which is quite beneficial for the human body system and keeps you hydrated. Staying hydrated with water rich in helpful minerals rejuvenated your body and makes it healthier.

It Increases Fitness and Stamina

Daily consumption of ZamZam water will meet the body's nutritional needs, assisting in the protection and upkeep of fitness. ZamZam water is high in minerals, which aid in stamina development as well.

Maintain Your Eyesight

The advantages of ZamZam water are numerous for its consumers. The use of this sanctified water on the eyes also aids in the achievement of a better and more effective vision. Whenever the eyes are cleaned with it, it can assist to treat various eye diseases.

Prevent Acidity & Heartburn

Because water is alkaline, it neutralizes excess stomach acid, making it useful for hyperacidity and heartburn. No doubt, this water can be used to treat various types of diseases. Muslims consume it believing this notion.

In A Nutshell,

Zamzam is a blessing from Almighty God to Makkah and its pilgrims. One of Zamzam's most outstanding characteristics is that it never dries out. Each year, millions around the world drink Zamzam water while doing Hajj and Umrah, and it is also supplied in huge amounts in Madinah, yet this water keeps flowing gently and will continue to stream until the day of judgment.

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Zamzam water is a popular "souvenir" that Muslims may get from their family and friends when they return from Makkah. Hajj or Umrah pilgrims perform pilgrimage in the Holy Land and obtain this unique water. Zamzam water is well-known for its cleanliness, coolness and revitalizing nature, and thirst-quenching properties. It is the “Holy water” that is drunk by almost all pilgrims a...Read More

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