Maximizing Faith in the Age of Social Media

01 April 2024

Social media is the reality of this century whether appreciated or not. It’s been a few years now that a vast majority of the world's population is consuming content on an hourly basis. It has become a vital part of people’s lives. However, this new-age tool is considered both a force of destruction and a force to construct a better world. It becomes even more critical when social media starts impacting the faith of people and starts causing hindrances for them in performing religious duties. In this article, we’ll discuss the way social media impacts people’s faith, especially Muslims. Then, we’ll share some very important tips with you to maximize your faith by using the power of social media with Muslims Holy Travel.

How Social Media Impacts the Faith of Muslims?

This is a question that every Muslim, especially youth wants the answers about as they go through major anxieties due to social media usage. Most Muslims already know that social media mostly hinders them from properly performing their religious duties. So, let’s get into the details:

1.    Makes People Lazy

Every individual who knows about Islam and the responsibilities it asks from both men and women, knows that it is not a religion for lazy people. Even Allah says in the Quran to the believers to not get lazy and sad. However, continuous scrolling over a pile of useless videos has made people lazy, attaching them to phone screens and beds. People watch most of these videos for entertainment purposes but end up losing their important time.

2.    Causes Distraction & Hinders Progress

It has become evident through many studies and the testimonies of people that social media causes distraction and hinders their progress. They believe that the time they spend on social media every day could’ve been useful in two ways. Either the content they consumed could’ve been informative and backed up by proper referencing. The second way is that they wouldn’t have consumed entertaining content at all and spent time doing purposeful things.

3.    Impacts Mental Health 

Mental health is impacted by social media in three ways:

I.    Foggy Brain

A human mind is not built to consume large amounts of data as several scientific studies show. It starts getting foggy if loaded with more than a precise amount of information daily. This causes people to lose emotional connections as their brains get fried with loads of data. They become unable to emotionally connect with people close to them which makes them lose loved ones in the long run.

II.    Bombardment of Ideologies

In the age of social media, people get bombarded with all sorts of ideologies that play with their minds. They start believing false narratives which turn into actions that ultimately cause them harm to other people. These ideologies make them confused enough to start doubting their own identity which results in causing various types of mental issues. Any person’s identity is based on gender, religion, nationality, etc. The religious part becomes important for Muslims. Several studies reveal that watching perfect bodies, beauty, economic health, and the lives of people that are mostly based on lies makes people depressed. Even though most of that content shows lies that impact the person consuming it.

How to Gain Faith Through Social Media?

Before it becomes more depressing, let’s discuss how you, as a Muslim, can navigate through the negative impacts of social media and make it a source of gaining faith.
1.    Schedule Usage Time

Set a specific time and the amount of time to consume social media content. For example, if a person is using social media four hours a day, he can decrease it to a minimum of two hours. That person can use social media any time of the day for two hours or at a scheduled time. It needs to be mentioned that the content to be consumed must be informative.

2.    Consume Selective Content

Several social scientists say that in today’s day and age, only those people can succeed who know what not to consume. The reason is that most people today consume garbage content which dumbs them down over time. Therefore, to succeed, consume selective content that is informative. However, also consume informative content, backed up by sources and references to avoid falling for false narratives.
3.    Build Knowledge of Islam First

To avoid falling for false narratives and different ideologies bombarded on social media, build a deep understanding of Islam first. This will enable a Muslim to navigate through vague and false ideologies, saving the faith of the one true God, Allah. Learn about Seerah, hadith, Quran, and Arabic to fortify your understanding of Islam and dedicate most of your time to building knowledge of these subjects. A Muslim will then, be easily able to identify vagueness, lies, and manipulations hidden in ideologies presented on social media.
4.    Entertain Yourself with People & Not Social Media

People who use social media to entertain themselves must socialize for this purpose and use social media to acquire information. Social media has made people aloof and detached from others as it quenches all the emotions through the delivered content. To avoid this, start socializing with family and friends, and share stories, laughter, and sadness with them. Most importantly, socialize with Allah as well by sharing your sadness, fears, desires, confusions, and questions with Him.

5.    Produce, Not Consume!

Start producing content on social media instead of consuming it. Build a community of like-minded people by sharing your ideas and creating forums to conduct Islamic discussions. Social media has the power to attract people from all over the world. Therefore, try to attract people from different countries with Islamic messaging and create an impact on a global level.
6.    Play with Algorithm

Social media run as per the designed algorithms. Any person who gets an understanding of these algorithms can filter their choices of content. Take an example of YouTube which has a specific algorithm to show videos on its homepage. According to this algorithm, YouTube shows videos based on the videos seen, liked, commented on, and shared by the user. A Muslim can like Islamic channels, watch their videos, share those videos, and comment on them. YouTube will show similar videos in the future as well, minimizing unuseful content.

7.    Go to Wilderness or Make Trips to Allah’s House

Muslims who can afford, must travel to places that are close to nature and spend quality time there. This will enable them to forget the noise of social media and minimize its usage. Visiting such places also gets people close to nature which positively impacts their mental health. Take a trip to such areas with family and friends and revitalize your mood, and mental health which will boost your faith as well. Muslims who can afford must make Umrah tours even for a few days to keep refreshing their faith. The best thing about embarking on the Umrah trip is that it takes the mind off the social media and other life burdens that people consistently carry on their shoulders. Visiting the house of Allah indeed proves useful in such times.

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